Endometriosis and Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is another alternative medicine that has been found to alleviate symptoms associated with endometriosis and is often a beneficial option for those seeking to complement or reduce the use of endometriosis medication. This natural healing method employs various yoga techniques in order to bring relief from such symptoms as painful periods as well as fertility problems. But what exactly is yoga therapy and how can it help women with endometriosis?

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a form of yoga with a unique focus; this type of alternative treatment seeks to balance the elements of the mind and body.

As such, yoga therapy does not focus on minimizing symptoms but rather on promoting healing through the concept of wholeness of being.

Yoga exercises include different breathing techniques, as well as meditation and stretches.

Some main types of yoga include the following:

  • hatha: from the Sanskrit words hameaning "sun" and tha meaning "moon," hatha yoga focuses on health, vitality and spiritual relaxation.
  • raja: involves breathing techniques, meditation and exercise. Derived from the Sanskrit, meaning "king" or "ruler."
  • tantra: this form of yoga focuses on using bodily energy in order to overcome the material world. The term tantra is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning "loom" (tan, "to stretch").

Yoga classes are held at local recreation centres as well as local community centres.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga can help individuals with the following health conditions:

In addition, yoga can help to improve an individual's flexibility, physical strength as well as to maintain a healthy weight. Yoga exercises also help to promote coordination. Improved concentration and memory, as well as reduced stress levels, are also among the many benefits attributed to yoga.

How Can Yoga Help to Treat Endometriosis?

Yoga can help alleviate common endometriosis symptoms, namely, pain. Women with endometriosis can experience such pain-related symptoms as painful periods, pelvic pain and pain during intercourse. It can also help to alleviate fertility problems that are a result of endometriosis.

It is believed that yoga can minimize pain by helping the pain centre located in the brain to stabilise the gate-controlling mechanism that is found in the spinal cord, as well as the secretion of painkillers that are naturally released by the body.

Breathing exercises are used in yoga to help minimize pain since deep exhalation promotes relaxation, while reducing tension. Increased awareness of breathing also helps alleviate pain associated with endometriosis while promoting calm and overall mental and physical health. In addition, reduced stress levels have been linked to improved fertility.

A healthy diet, as well as regular exercise, is a complimentary form of self-care treatment for those with endometriosis.

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