Women Over 50 & STDs

Older Women Enjoy Sex Too

There seems to be a widely held belief that as a woman gets older, her sex drive diminishes.  This is now understood to be no longer necessarily true, especially with the advent of Viagra and other stimulants for those "over a certain age".

Along with the advent of helpful additives, comes a rise in sexually transmitted diseases amongst older people.  Venereal diseases are spreading more than ever among senior citizens.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that about 10 percent of the total AIDS cases in the US are made up of people over the age of 50.  HIV is increasing among those in their 60's and 70's and it has also been reported that HIV cases have risen 500 percent among Senior Citizens.  At this time, nearly 27 percent of those living with HIV/AIDS in the US are 50 plus.

Viagra, truly, has been increased the sex lives of those over 50 - especially men with erectile dysfunction.  It's a very effect way of dealing with a biological dysfunction in men; however there are some very serious situations resulting from this explosion of sexuality. 

For the most part, those who are considered Senior Citizens today, didn't "come of age" when sex education was being taught in schools and today are, more often than not, uninformed about HIV/AIDS and how to protect themselves from this disease and other venereal diseases.

Today's so-called "modern values" are not the ones people over 50 grew up with.  Consequently, the education is different.  As a rule, people age 50 and older have been married longer and have found it unnecessary to wear a condom.  Now, in these times, those same people, having suffered the loss of a partner or having divorced, are finding themselves back in the dating scene and are unfamiliar with or not used to protecting themselves against possible infection and std's.

These days a lot of older men date more than one woman at a time and since older women can "no longer get pregnant", they see no need to use any type of what is considered birth control, i.e., condoms.  In fact, some aging "baby boomers" still do drugs and are contracting HIV through intravenous drug use. 

All sexually transmitted diseases are preventable, and condoms and the pre-testing of sexual partners are recommended for all sexual encounters for sexually active people of any age.


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