What’s Safe During Pregnancy: All You Ever Wanted to Know

Once a woman gets pregnant her entire mindset shifts and even the most reckless and free spirited gals find themselves second-guessing every move they make and wondering what’s safe during pregnancy. Things from what’s safe to eat to what’s safe to do are on your mind. Well, we’ve got the answers to your questions right here.

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Food and Drink

As far as what foods and drinks are safe during pregnancy, it’s easier to give you a list of what IS NOT;

Raw Meat and Eggs - Risk of exposure to salmonella and at risk for Toxoplasmosis

Sandwich Meats and Pate - Risk of infection from Listeria bacteria

Smoked Meat - May also contain the bacteria Listeria

Alcohol - NO amount is okay as it causes serious risk to the baby

Unpasteurized Milk And Cheese - This is because of the high risk of Listeria

Imported Soft Cheeses - Due to the high risk of Listeria

Caffeine - While staying away from caffeine if you can is probably best, most doctors agree that it can be okay in moderation and offer a guideline of roughly 150mg per day as a maximum. Just know that caffeine can keep you and baby up at night and it also causes more frequent urination. And just because you can handle it no problem doesn’t mean that baby can, so you may want to have a cup and take note of what happens before deciding to have more.

Activities and Pastimes

We’ll rule out a no-brainer right off the bat—smoking. In case you didn’t already know it smoking is harmful and must be avoided during pregnancy in order to have a healthy baby!

Now for some others that you may be wondering about;

Sex – Definitely okay as long as you avoid positions that have you flat on your belly or doing anything too acrobatic!

Amusement Parks – Visiting an amusement park is fine, but going on most rides are not.

Hot Tubs and Saunas – The high temperatures could prove dangerous so it’s best not to.

Air Travel – Fine if you have no complications with your pregnancy. Just remember that some airlines require a note from a health care provider from women more than 8 months along.

Exercise – If you have always exercised then there is no reason to stop unless you are experiencing complications with your pregnancy. As you get further along you may need to opt for less strenuous activity. Speak to your doctor for suggestions.


Coloring Your Hair – The actual color is not the problem but rather the fumes you inhale. Avoid coloring hair during the first trimester, but beyond that opt for ammonia-free or natural dyes or just dye your hair in a well ventilated area. And wear gloves.

Wearing Perfume – This is perfectly safe, but remember that you’re more sensitive to smell when pregnant and may need to tweak your fragrance.

Hair Removal – As much as you may long for a wax, electrolysis or laser hair removal, they are not recommended for reasons that vary from a lack of studies done regarding the effects on pregnancy to the fact that your skin reacts differently during pregnancy. Stick to shaving but be careful when reaching or bending! Also, avoid depilatory creams because of the chemicals.

For more information about sex during pregnancy, what's safe and what isn't, check out our pregnancy forum and chat with other women sharing their advice.

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