Vaser Lipo Before and After

When making the decision as a woman whether or not cosmetic surgery is the way to go, there can be nothing more reassuring and informative than seeing genuine visual evidence of what to expect.

It’s one thing to be told by any given surgeon or patient that a certain technique is the way to go, but it’s so much more powerful to see first-hand the kinds of results the clinic you’re looking into can achieve.

In the case of Vaser Lipo, the fact that the technique is so new and innovative naturally raises quite a few questions in the minds of those thinking of undergoing the treatment for themselves.


It’s important to acknowledge that no cosmetic surgical procedure can work miracles and nor can surgery put a halt to the aging process – in terms of improving confidence and kick-starting a new approach to life, however, it really can work wonders.

Vaser Lipo – The Key Difference

In terms of how and why Vaser Lipo stands above and beyond alternative cosmetic treatment options for fat removal, is all comes down to meticulously accurate targeting and a far gentler approach in general.

Ultrasound energy is used to melt fat cells with pinpoint accuracy without causing harm to the surrounding fat or skin cells. The fat is then removed using small tubes, delivering outstanding results and a vastly reduced recovery time. What’s more, Vaser Lipo can be used all over the body in many areas where traditional Lipo would be wholly inappropriate or even dangerous.

Results will always vary in accordance with the scale, nature and area of the body in which the Vaser technique is applied, though as the before and after photographs below clearly illustrate, the difference can be nothing short of incredible.

Vaser for the Lower Face and Neck

Often an area that can make a huge impact on the perceived age of a person, fat removal and tightening of the skin around this region can help combat multiple signs of aging for the long term. The jawline is left better defined for a crisper, cleaner appearance.

Vaser for the Thighs

This innovative fat removal technique can be incredibly effective when applied to the inner and outer-thighs alike. In a recent case, the patient’s inner-thighs were clearly much closer together prior to the Vaser being applied. Following the procedure, the thigh’s size is reduced all-round and definition improved significantly.

Lipo Result

High-Def Vaser on the Abdomen

One of the most popular applications for Vaser Lipo of all is for fat reduction around the waist in order to give a more defined appearance. Patients undergo a relatively modest reduction of abdominal fat which results in a much more defined overall shape and the enhancing of the abdominal muscles.

Vaser for the Arms

Excessive fat reserves around the upper-arms can be incredibly difficult to shift and often proves stubborn to most forms of exercise. Vaser Lipo could therefore come in handy for those struggling to better-define their upper-arms and reduce the presence of fat or minor sagging. Results can be extremely impressive.

Vaser for the Upper Flanks

Many patients seek Vaser Lipo as a means by which to improve the look of their skin and their shape in general around the bra line. The technique results in a vastly more sculpted and slender overall aesthetic.

Vaser for the Lower Flanks (Love Handles)

Among the body’s most difficult areas to target and treat with exercise alone, those tell-tale ‘love handles’ respond extremely well to the modern Vaser Lipo technique. The difference the procedure can make to overall body shape is dramatic to say the least.

Speak to a Surgeon

Of course, results will always vary in accordance with not only the nature and scale of the job, but other factors like the age and general health of the patient in question. As such, it’s crucial to book a consultation with a surgeon prior to making a final decision in order to have your own unique case evaluated.

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