Teen Pregnancy: Tips for Parents

Finding out that your teenage daughter is pregnant may not be a happy experience for most parents. You may worry about the future and what other people might say and it can all be very overwhelming and frightening for both you and your partner. Some parents may feel guilty and embarrassed for not being able to protect and educate their child better. While other parents might be overjoyed over the news of a new addition to the family. But whatever the feelings may be, it is important for you know that your teenage daughter needs you most at this time and that you be there for her.

So, what do you need to do as a parent of a pregnant teenager? Well, one of the first things you may have to do as the parent is recognize your feelings. Feeling disappointed or angry is normal and common. So, learn to work through these feelings so that you can support your daughter. Learn to put aside your feelings and do it for the sake of your daughter and her unborn child. If you need help to cope with your feelings, talk to someone you can trust such as your partner or even a close family member or a friend. You can even seek professional counseling and talk to them. It is a great way to let out your anger and disappointment and all the emotions you may be feeling.

When you feel like you can accept the truth, talk to your daughter and communicate with her calmly about how you feel. Talking things over with your daughter may help break down the barriers between you and daughter. So, talk to her and help her cope with her pregnancy. Your daughter may also be experiencing morning sickness and scheduling prenatal tests. So, give her advice about what to do, how to deal with pregnancy symptoms and support her during this time. Because she may need you the most right now. Also, talk to your daughter about her plans about school after the baby arrives and teach her how to prepare for life as a parent. If your teenage daughter smokes or drinks alcohol, teach her about how it can harm her unborn baby and cause more problems for her. Also, talk to her about her nutrition and diet and how it is important to be healthy in order to have a baby.

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