Sweet Way of Losing Weight

If you are really serious about dieting, one way of acheiving success is by controlling your intake of soft drinks. Soft drinks are branded as liquid calories and many people are unaware at just how bad they can be in the battle against the bulge. Whether soft drinks are high in sugar or whether they claim to be sugar-free, most soft drinks contain high calories, which are, of course, a hindrance in weight loss.

Examining The Effects Of Soda

There have been many studies which have examined the detrimental effects of soft drinks on weight loss. In a recent study conducted on 91, 000 nurses, researchers examined those nurses who drank soft drinks verses those who did not. Researchers were shocked to discover that in eight years time, soft drink drinkers weighed six pounds more than those who avoided such beverages.

Another surprise was that those nurses who were aware of the dangers of soft drinks often drank fruit juices in place of soft drinks, believing that fruit juices do not contain as much calories as soft drinks. However, there is no truth to this. While some fruit juices are made from real fruit and are more nutritious than soft drinks, most fruit juices are also high in sugar, which does not help one to lose weight.

How To Effectively Loose Weight

Therefore, it is clear now that one of the most effective and natural ways of losing weight is by avoiding beverages that are high in calories. It may sound as easy as one-two-three, but it is harder than you may think, especially for those who have incorporated this kind of drinking into their lifestyle.

What are the choices then? Why not try water therapy? It is not just a way of avoiding calorie-laden drinks, but is also a good way of moving into a healthier lifestyle. As we know, water is very necessary in the body processes and drinking at least eight glasses a day is recommended for any healthy lifestyle. There are also diet drinks that you can try, as long as you read the labels carefully and make sure that these drinks are not high in calories. While it is a known fact that artificial sweeteners are not natural, they are "less-hazardous" compared to real sugar because real sugar gives you a higher risk of gaining weight. So it's really up to you to decide.

However, one thing is for sure: you must not drink soft drinks, or other liquids that are high in sugar because if your goal is to lose weight, you have to eliminate this sugar intake from your diet.  This can only done by avoiding food and drinks that contain a high amount of sugar. By eliminating these weight loss preventers from your diet, you will begin to achieve the weight loss you have been striving for.

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