Timing of Pregnancy After Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, most women want to know when they can try to become pregnant again. While most doctors give the standard answer that you can try again after three months, there really are a number of different answers. Here, we evaluate how long you should wait to try again after a miscarriage, and try to help women to make educated decisions.

Three to Six Months

There are certainly situations where you should wait for three to six months before trying to get pregnant again. If you had a D&C, your doctor will want to make sure that the uterine lining has properly replenished itself and that it is ready to carry a healthy baby to term. If your pregnancy was far along when you lost it, your body will need time to recover and to replenish the nutrients you've lost. You may also need this amount of time for emotional reasons. Having a miscarriage can be very difficult emotionally, and this time will help you to deal with your feelings and to become strong again for another chance.

Wait for One Period

Sometimes, the doctor will say that you can start to try again after you've waited for one normal cycle. This is for a few reasons. This makes it easier for your doctor to keep track of your future pregnancy, since he'll know when you last menstruated. After having a miscarriage, it may take awhile for your cycle to get back to normal. This time helps you to re-regulate your body and your cycle and to date the pregnancy.

Let's Start Now!

Some doctors will tell you that you can try to get pregnant as soon as you've physically recovered from the miscarriage. These doctors don't think there is any medical reason to need to wait, and they figure that they'll be able to know the dating of the pregnancy through ultrasound.

What Should You Do?

You should certainly listen to your doctor's opinion when it comes to trying again after miscarrying. If you disagree with their time frame, ask specific questions to find out why they want you to wait. You may want to seek a second opinion as well. Keep in mind, however, that they usually do have your best interest in mind and are helping you to make the right decision. Also, while you may feel that you're ready to be pregnant again, you may need more time to grieve. There are many emotions wrapped up in a miscarriage, and you can give yourself the time and space that you need to deal with these emotions. While your doctor can help you to determine your physical readiness, only you and your partner can determine your emotional readiness.

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