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No one knows exactly what causes morning sickness. There are many theories about what causes this problem and many solutions that people offer to combat it. On the market today, there are many products to help women with morning sickness. As with most things, each woman has to see for herself during early pregnancy what works best, and has to try out many options to come up with the best decision for herself.

Foods & Candies

There are a number of foods and candies on the market today that are said to help combat morning sickness. One of the most popular is the pregnancy lollipop. B-Natal TheraPops contain vitamin B6 and sugar, two items that are found to soothe morning sickness. Preggie Pops Morning Sickness Lollipops come in ginger, mint or sour fruit flavors and are said to help with dry mouth and to give a quick energy boost. Another product, Mommy's Bliss Pregnancy Heartburn Comfort Chews, is a heartburn remedy that helps to cut down on the acid in your stomach. They come in a berry flavor and don't have the chalky texture of many heartburn remedies. The Ginger People produces ginger candies that are said to help with nausea. They come in three forms - hard, chewy or crystallized and help to ease the feeling of morning sickness.


There are many teas on the market today that report to help alleviate morning sickness. The most effective tea seems to be ginger tea. Ginger has properties that help to alleviate morning sickness and vomiting. Remember to find tea that is caffeine free.

Acupressure Bands and Essential Oils

These bands are worn by people who get seasick, who are dealing with chemotherapy, and who are experiencing morning sickness. The idea is to act like an acupuncture band, putting pressure on certain areas on the underside of your wrist where there is an acupuncture point that controls nausea and vomiting. This pressure is supposed to help to alleviate the nausea. Similarly, QueaseEase Essential Oil Therapy helps to alleviate nausea when it occurs. It includes a blend of pure essential oils and is supposed to calm you and alleviate your queasiness when you take a few deep breaths of it. Another similar product, Happy Mama Spray, includes essential oils and flower essences. You spray it on your wrist and inhale when you are feeling queasy.


There are a number of CDs on the market today, including the MorningWell CD, that are said to help with morning sickness symptoms. These are CDs that the woman listens to and that work to calm the pregnant woman and to alleviate her symptoms.

These are just a taste of the myriad of products on the market today to alleviate morning sickness. If your sickness is keeping you from functioning as you'd like, then try out a few different products and see what works for you. Hopefully, you'll either find a product you like, or your morning sickness with dissipate as you search for the right product to use!

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