More Strategies for Managing Menopause Naturally

It's A Fabulous Time of Life

Menopause has gotten a bad rap, mostly because the symptoms are often difficult to manage and some women have a very hard time going through this period of life. However, menopause marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new and exciting time for women. Often women who are post-menopausal exclaim with joy that they finally feel like they've arrived at the wonderful place of being happy with who they are and how they do things. They're through apologizing and pushing their own lives down in order to make someone else happy.

Along with the excitement of arriving in such a grand place, there is also the benefit of learning how to control various symptoms of menopause through dietary changes and lifestyle alterations. In other places on this site we've discussed eating strategies to help you through menopause without having to rely on drugs. We continue on this journey in this article where we'll discuss more strategies and ways to enhance your menopausal experience.

Big Dinners Don't Help

Most women still eat their largest meal of the day in the evening. Dinner is often the time when you connect with family, and it usually means a larger intake of calories - right before bed when you burn the least number of calories in the day. Breakfast and lunch tend to be lighter meals for most women, so their intake of needed calories is less during the period of time when the body needs more. By eating heavily at night, your body stores the calories you don't use as fat, since night is usually for sleeping, when you burn the least amount of calories.

Learning to Graze

The answer? Become a grazer. There are many studies available to prove the value of eating small meals at frequent intervals during the day. They show that by doing so, people actually have consumed fewer calories and grams of fat by day's end. Add to that fact the potential weight-loss benefit earned through burning more calories metabolizing food when it is spread throughout the day, and you've got a winning strategy. Grazing also staunches tiredness that results from a blood sugar drop at the end of the day. Besides, it is a lot easier on your stomach to eat smaller meals then larger ones.

Now, we realize that may be easier said than done, especially when breaking the habit of huge evening meals with the family may be challenging. You can incorporate a few tricks to help your develop the new habit of grazing and before long you'll be able to eat a dinner that is light and easy on your body.

Making Small Changes that Work

Move toward serving dinners and desserts that are lower in fat and make the portions smaller as well. Pick meals that tend to be all-in-one, like salads, soups, stews, or veggie casseroles. Do your best to discourage night-time snacking and big desserts. Since one of the top reasons people eat at night is because they're bored, try taking a relaxing bath, read a great book, listen to some good music or catch up with folks on the phone.

Doing Something for Your Body and Your Mind

If you find that the best time of day for you is in the evening, then take up a form of fitness that will work for you. Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates are all excellent methods of exercise that help shape the body, burn calories, and quiet the mind without a lot of bouncing and strenuous exertion. Often strenuous exercise at night causes enough endorphin activity to keep a person awake for a while. By building in some form of calming, strengthening exercise that doesn't excite the body or mind too much, you not only enhance your body, you enhance your mental attitude as well.

Changes seldom occur overnight, but with consistency and a focus on healthy methods, it is possible to make significant changes that will enhance your life and the lives of your family.

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