Mom's Must-Haves

New moms are often told about the most essential items to have in the house when the baby arrives. Certainly, you know that you need a number of outfits for the baby, that you need blankets, and that you need a crib. You're aware that you need a tub insert to bathe the baby and that you'll need diapers and wipes. There are, however, many items that new moms don't know about that can certainly help when the new baby comes home.

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Swaddle Them!

Swaddling is a very important action for a new baby. While in the womb, the baby was snug and secure. Now that they've come out, there are so many things to process and learn. It is often very overwhelming for the baby in the beginning, and the more that you can help them to feel like they are still in the womb, the calmer they may be. Many of us, however, are terrible at swaddling! To make this easier, there are now a number of great products on the market. You can purchase a blanket that helps you to swaddle. One such product is called a Swaddle Me, but there are many available. This can help to ease the transition and to help to soothe the baby in the beginning.


While you've created a beautiful nursery and purchased a crib, you may find that your life will be made easier in the beginning with a co-sleeper or bassinet. During the first few months, your baby is going to want to feed a lot.  It is extremely tiring to run to their nursery to feed them every time they want to eat during the night; this is even more difficult if you've had a C-Section. He will also feel cozier if he is in a smaller location and is close to you. A bassinet or co-sleeper allows you to have the baby nearby for those numerous nightly feedings and to help him to feel more secure.

Put Them in a Sack

Sleep sacks are a great way to keep your baby warm at night. They are like a little sleeping bag that your baby goes into with arms attached and a zippered bottom for changing. These brilliant items keep baby warm, even once he starts to kick off his blankets, and it keeps him feeling cozy.

Sit Back and Relax

While nursing or bottle feeding, you are going to need to support your back. The best way to do so is with a nursing pillow. These pillows are specially designed to go around your waist. You place the baby on the pillow, and then you can feed him at a higher level than you would otherwise. They are a great way to keep your back healthy and to keep yourself comfortable while feeding your little one.

Swing or Seat

It's often helpful to have somewhere to place your little one when you need a break. While you may want to have a bassinet in the family room, you might also want to have a swing or baby seat. You can purchase a small baby swing these days that won't take up tons of floor space, but that will give your baby that swaying motion that he loves from his time in the womb. This can be a helpful way to soothe your baby and to give you a much needed break. Similarly, a bouncy seat often has a vibrator in it which also soothes the baby and gives you a break.

Nail Clippers

You'll be amazed to see that your baby is born with long nails. This is always an interesting feature when they are first born. You shouldn't clip their nails for about three weeks after their birth, however, because their nails are fully attached to their skin. At this time, however, you'll want to start to clip their nails. The nails will grow fast, so it's helpful to have a small pair of nail clippers in the house so that the baby won't scratch himself as his nails grow.

Investing in these items will help to ease your transition into parenthood. Certainly, each couple finds items that they find more helpful than others. Think about your own personality and daily activities and tailor this list to suite your needs.

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