The Psychological Effects of Erectile Dysfunction on Women

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the name given to the condition that occurs when men are unable to get and maintain an erection. According to the NHS, erectile dysfunction is very common in the UK and half of men aged between 40 and 70 are thought to have it at some stage in their lives.

Psychological Impact on Partners

Both physical and psychological causes can trigger erectile dysfunction. Some physical causes such as hormonal problems, injury, surgery or the narrowing of blood vessels going to the penis can all lead to erectile dysfunction. Anxiety, relationship problems and depression are some of the possible mental causes of erectile dysfunction. The NHS advises those who suffer from erectile dysfunction to seek advice from a healthcare professional so a diagnosis can be made and the cause, which may include diabetes, cardiovascular disease or hypertension, can be identified and treated.

Whilst erectile dysfunction can have a psychological impact on sufferers, it may also have an effect on their partners. For women, the impotency of their partner can cause emotional issues. Most commonly a woman’s first thought is that her partner is not attracted to her anymore.

Not Just "A Man Thing"

It is clear that erectile dysfunction is not just “a man thing”. Indeed, erectile dysfunction is involved in one in five failed marriages as the condition not only affects the male partner, but can often take a toll on the female partner, who may blame herself for her partner’s symptoms. This can lead to her feeling responsible and cause her to consider that her partner may be losing interest in her, which could result in lowering her self-esteem and confidence.

The emotional effects of erectile dysfunction can put strain on relationships and may even lead to depression and low self-esteem issues for both partners. Erectile dysfunction can cause men to question their masculinity and make the female partner feel rejection or inadequacy. These feelings of depression and damaged self-esteem can lead to anticipatory anxiety.

Seek a Proper Diagnosis

Erectile dysfunction sufferers must get diagnosed as soon as possible so that they can begin the right type of treatment. Simply talking about erectile dysfunction to a health professional is the first step towards overcoming it. Taking the right medication to treat erectile dysfunction can help to overcome the problem. Treatments such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are all effective treatments. However, it is important to choose the correct treatment and seeking a doctor’s opinion to prescribe the correct medicine is crucial.

Sex therapy is another way to help treat erectile dysfunction. This method can help couples reconnect and resolve the emotional and psychological issues that have arisen from the presence of erectile dysfunction in their relationship.

If you or your partner is suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is important to seek a proper diagnosis. Treatment is beneficial for the mental health of both the male sufferers and their partners. Erectile dysfunction is usually just a temporary condition and treatment for it can help you successfully deal with and overcome the condition.


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