Hypnosis for Labor and Birth

We'd all love to change pain to pleasure, but that probably isn't going to happen very easily. However, there is a way to turn pain to pressure and it's been proven to work quite well. The use of self-hypnosis to instigate relaxation allows for an easier, faster, less complicated and certainly a less painful labor and birth experience.

When a woman's body is relaxed it tends to "go with the contraction" instead of fighting against it, which is often what causes and increase in pain.

Many women anticipate pregnancy, love the pregnancy experience, but have a fear of labor. They've heard stories and maybe have even heard women screaming as they deliver their babies. These things impact the mind and stay there, building a wall of fear. By preparing throughout the pregnancy using relaxation techniques and visualization this fear can be removed and the process of actually giving birth can be changed to a wonderful, eagerly anticipated event.

Self-Hypnosis to Reduce Pain in Labor and Childbirth

Using self-hypnosis, the mind can be reprogrammed to expect relaxation and pressure rather than fear and pain. This process reduces the amount of adrenaline that is produced, addressing one of the primary causes of dysfunction in labor. A hypno-birth also reduces the need for interventions including cesarean sections.

It is possible for the mind to produce its own anesthesia by training it to do so when needed. As pressure builds in the body it is a signal to the mind to relax even more so as the labor progresses the reaction in the body is one of release rather than fight.

Relaxation allows for the flowing with the birthing process, releasing tension and tightness. As the downward movement is not restricted by constriction of muscles, the labor can be shortened. In turn, this reduces the trauma on the baby, making for a more relaxed newborn.

Dispelling Misconceptions about Hypnosis for Labor and Childbirth

Admittedly, the idea of using hypnosis can conjure up all kinds of images. However, it is commonly used today therapeutically in a variety of areas in medicine, dentistry, and for personal use. There are a few facts about hypnosis that can make thinking about using this as a means of handling labor and birthing pain easier:

· All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A hypnotherapist serves as a guide only. A person retains full control and can stay in or come out of a hypnotic state at will.

· Willingness, belief and motivation have influence of the ability of a person to be hypnotized.

· Hypnosis is neither sleep nor unconsciousness - a person can come out whenever they want.

· Stronger-willed people are easier to hypnotize (not the other way around)

· Nothing can be done against the will.

· It is simply a way to direct the inner mind toward something positive. It is not mind control.

· It is not a religious or satanic ritual.

Why Hypnosis for Labor and Birth is Important

During the process of learning hypnosis for labor and childbirth, a couple is taught how to surround themselves with positive messages and positive people. They are taught to create a positive picture of childbirth and to expect their experience will be wonderful, peaceful, beautiful, and filled with the good things they want in the birth.

Clearing fear is essential to the ability to embrace and allow positive mental processes and is done early in the process of learning hypnosis for childbirth.

As mentioned earlier, fear has negative outcomes in labor and delivery:

· fear creates tension

· tension creates pain

· fear and anxiety increase adrenaline production and intensifies pain

· fear causes a release of catecholamine that make the uterus work harder, creating more difficult and longer contractions

The removal of fear and the use of hypnosis during delivery have many benefits, including:

· hypnosis minimizes resistance of muscles to pain and delivery time is shortened

· hypnosis helps control nausea and vomiting and helps to stop post-partum depression

· hypnosis creates a peaceful birthing experience and peaceful baby

· hypnosis reduces the need for episiotomies, anesthesia, pain drugs and medical interventions

· hypnosis increases the mother's confidence in her own ability to manage the birth naturally - she's in control

Using hypnosis during pregnancy, labor and delivery can make everything more relaxed and it enhances the experience.

There are several types and methods of dealing with pain during labor and delivery. Investigate them on this site.

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