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Not telling partners abt herpes
48 Replies
ataglance - November 19

She met them on internet dating sites. She had sex with them pretty quickly, within a few weeks of meeting them. She is not setting out to just sleep with them, I think she would like a relationship and even marriage (never married).


Dallasfan - November 19

If she did start having a relationship with these guys, she would have to tell them "after the fact that they have been intimate" and how would they feel then?


Oblivion - November 19

Betrayed I'm sure.


erza - November 20

The thing is that these relationships don't last that long - 1 or 2 months at the most.


ataglance - November 20

I am having trouble staying friends with her knowing that she is doing this. I thought she was more responsible than this. If she is lying to them abt this, what is she lying to me about?


wearajimmy - November 20

There are Herpe Hook Up web sites, she could troll those rather that Web Slut sites.


revan_delacroix - November 20

good advice :)


wearajimmy - November 20

hahha thanks. all folks on the Herpes Site are looking for herpe love, and if she contained her behavior with them & not spread her disease around.


ginger - November 20

well this could avoid potential law suits, and a traumatic brain injury.


wearajimmy - November 20

My opinion of your friend is very very very low,, sorry


CCoi - November 20

cmon jimmy. get over yourself!! Yes us older folks still have sex - TONS OF IT. You don't stop being a sexual being just because you turn 30 or something!


ifile - November 21

The thought of having sex with an older woman might turn your stomach but really do you need to put it out there the way you did?


primecast - November 21

Talk to your friend about how she's not respecting herself with her behavior. It's not that she's out there spreading hsv2 to every man she's sleeping with - it's just that she's really selling herself short by thinking that if she's honest with them that they'd never sleep with her. They really will.


wars - November 21

She is so much more than just sex - she's also a wonderful person who someone will want to be with because of who she is - not run the other way just because of a pesky and very common virus that she has.


miss_em - November 21

It's really not the deal breaker she thinks it is.


sweetie - November 21

It doesn't even have to change her basic behavior - if she's more satisfied with short term sexual relationships that's fine but she needs to be thinking about her own protection as well as her partners.



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