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My period is messed up
15 Replies
Maggiethedog - September 12

My cycle was always on time on the right day and I could almost predict it to the hour but recently i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time and it's been messed up ever since.I went from having perfect 28 day scheduals to now 30-32 day scheduals for about 5 months now. Should I be corncerned? Is it safe to have sex again?


thomas - September 12

thats whats happening to my girlfriend...well last month it was two days late... and now she recently had spotting/light flow ten days before when she should have had her period...which was the seventh, it is now the ninth and no period yet.. im nervous she may be pregnant.

we use condoms every time but its possible some pre-*** came out..idk. she isnt on birth control..


Maggiethedog - September 12

Well we only had sex the one time and we used a condom. And he pulled out before to be sure. there's really no chance I could be pregnant. As I said it's been 5 months and I have had periods just there comming later and I find it strange cuz it was so regular before. As for your girlfriend there is a chance that she could be pregnant even with the spotting. If she's feeling a little queezy and such it may be an early sign, home pregnancy test would be good but keep in mind they can deliver false results


sardeanattack - September 13

I have always had perfect of close to perfect 28 day cycles being late only twice but I am recently 9 days late almost 10. any suggestions?


Oblivion - September 14

My advice to you is the best thing for u would be to stop stressing about it, it's just gonna make it later.relax and it should come unless uve had unprotected sex/anything that could have got you pregnant since your last period.


Maggiethedog - September 17

Please guys I'm really looking for some answers here. Anything would help. Thank you


spongster - September 18

It will be perfectly safe to resume sex with your boyfriend, it may be purely coincidental that your cycle has changed around the same time you had sex.Continuous regularity, although at different timespans, is a good sign and plenty of womens cycles adjust naturally between 28 and 35 days per month.This would be especially true if you are of young age.


ginger - September 20

In my opinion, i wouldnt worry about things as changes in cycle length are hormonal.


Maggiethedog - September 22

Thank you very much for your input!


guest - November 11

i really havent had a period since the last 2 months but im bleeding now and its different i mean its red red and ive been this way for a week but im gaining weight and ppl are asking me if im pregnant i have alot of the symptoms but im scared to go to the doctor and my hpt are coming up - please help


Dallasfan - November 11

Not to scare you, but if you've been missing your periods and have had symptoms of pregnancy as well as noticable weight gain... You should see a doctor immediatly.


ginger - November 11

dear if you've begun bleeding suddenly and are in pain it is possible that you have serious complications.


bluechick - November 11

If you're pregnant, it could possibly be signs of a miscarriage.


Lelouch - November 11

You could just have irregular periods. And are finally starting your period! Birth Control Pills can help regulate your menstral cycle.


Natsu - November 11

Guys and gals I believe that either way, if she don't stop bleeding soon, she should see a doctor.


thomas - November 12

I am with him! You should see a doc! You might have some sort of cyst! Get it checked out!!



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