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28 Replies
nn2009 - November 3

Can I have HPV from receiving oral sex(unprotected) ?

Thank you.


revan_delacroix - November 3

yes you can


Oblivion - November 4

you can if the person has the virus orally (in their mouth..) can go to a dentist and ask them to test you orally for it.


nn2009 - November 4

She give me a blow job..... IS that a big risk ?


Oblivion - November 5

if she had the virus in her mouth from previous sexual contact.. she could transmit it to your wherever he mouth came in contact (mouth, penis).


Luffy - November 5

if the virus was active/ there are different types of HPV ( the kind that causes genitalwarts..visible sign of infection ..and the kind that increases your chances of certain visible symptoms) why do you think you have hpv? do u know which kind she has?


nn2009 - November 6

I just met her online ...but I think she had many partner before ... May you advise ?


nn2009 - November 9

I have a little white spot on my mouth ( upper lip) but looks like behind the skin .... Is that HPV ? Can u help pls.?


roses711 - November 9

a dentist can actually do an oral pap smear and test for the virus orally. There are about 100 strains of the virus. My hpv is high risk so I don't have I'm not educated on what they look like..sorry


nn2009 - November 9

what do u have ?


roses711 - November 9

I was told about 1 month ago that I had tested positive for high risk HPV( high risk just means that it increases my already small chances for certain cancers..don't know the specific strain..but the high risk strains don't cause warts...


Dallasfan - November 9

Studies also suggest that HPVs may play a role in cancers of the anus, vulva, vagina, and some cancers of the oropharynx


roses711 - November 9

yup even w/ the virus the risk for developing cancer is small..the majority of pple 90% of suppress the virus in general w/ no symptoms ever..) I just have to watch my health (no stress, avoid smoking/drinking, eat lots of fruits/veggies, take multi w/ folic, i just started taking's a natural supplement that has 10 ingrediants known to boost the body's immunity and help it fight the HPV virus.)


Victoria - November 9

you never said why you think that your "friend" has HPV?


nn2009 - November 9

I didnt know her.. I just met her for one night coz that I'm so worry ....


roses711 - November 9 judgement...we're all adults..keep an eye on the "bump" ..avoid sexual contact w/ others until you know for sure (wouldn't want to spread it to someone else)


Dallasfan - November 9

if the bumps are can go to a general doc to have it looked at..they should be able to tell you if you have hpv warts..



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