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cramps and pressure after Endometrial Ablation
44 Replies
boobird - September 12

Hello. i just had the Endometrial Ablation, Novasure done on thursday the 2nd, and I still have pain, pressure, and cramps. I barely bled afterwards. I was wondering if this was normal. i have alot of pain, pressure, and cramps. shouldn't i have more bleeding after this? i was told i would. Please can somebody help me? If someone can i would be so grateful. thank you


49&lvgit - September 12

I had an endometrial ablation in the past. After the procedure I went home expecting the horrors of cramping and bleeding, but instead a very pleasant surprise - no bleeding, no cramping at all. Down time was maybe a day and a half and that was mainly because of the anesthesia. It has now been almost 3 years, my periods completely stopped, and I am elated! Please keep in mind that different people have different outcomes. I am glad to be able to post one of the most positive experiences of this procedure.


christina68 - September 13

I am scheduled to have the novasure procedure done in two weeks. I have heard mostly good things about it but I have heard it can cause sexual dissatisfaction and inability to achieve orgasm.
Does anyone have information about this?


DixieM - September 14

I had the novasure a year ago. I did not have any sexual problems following the procedure. It was a huge concern for me and my husband prior to the procedure too. But in my case it was not a factor in our sex life.


dawnl - September 17

I had balloon ablation in July 2007. My periods have lessened a great deal, which is great. The only problem is that now as the months proceed the first three days of my period I am experiencing lower back pain to the point that I cannot do anything. Any advise?? I have never experienced such pain before. I tried doing Yoga and stretching, does not help.


emr4 - September 18

I just had an endometrial ablation, novasure 2 weeks ago. The first 3 days were awful. I had such severe cramping in only the right side. My right groin area had the worst cramp in it and it shot pain and weakness down to my knee.


mhbb4 - September 18

HI there, I also had the endometrial ablation on feb 26th. I know it has not quite been 2 weeks, but I am worried about the cramps I am still having. They are pretty severe sometimes and I don't know if this is normal or not.


DJBS - September 18

I had an endometrial ablation in August 2007. Several days later I was in the ER with severe low back pain and leg pain, which they said was due to a UTI. Today, I am still having chronic low back pain as well as leg pain.


gg60 - September 18

I had a novasure ablation and tubal ligation on Nov.4th. I also had severe pain afterwards. It was releaved with pain meds. Went back to work after a week off.


Lelouch - September 19

Advise, even though the Dr.'s say you may go back to regular activities. Take care. If i lift heavy things I begin to cramp. Listen to your body.


esor0303 - September 19

Hi I just had the ablation 2 weeks ago. When I woke up in recovery I was in intense pain. They gave me morphine, demoral and loritab, it never even touched the pain. Either I had a nurse stealing pain meds or I am crazy!


lk0608 - September 19

Had ablation less than one week ago. It's interesting that you commented about intense pain in recovery, because I remember that horrible pain, and the nurse's comment that I should have some tolerance for pain (this after telling me that they already gave me morphine). I didn't have much cramping after that, but today my right side is really hurting me.


beach_mom - September 19

I would never recomend the nova sure ablation to anyone! I had extreme pain during and after the procedure and my doctor didn't know why. He had me do the procedure in his office while awake and it was extremely painful and the pain got worse when I got home and the meds wore off.


southernbelle731 - September 20

I can't imagine they did the procedure in the office. I had mine in the outpatient surgery and I was completely out. I had a D & C and a hysteroscopy. When I woke up in recovery I didn't have any stomach pain but my legs and hips were killing me.


katiedoo - September 26

had an ablation over a year ago and regret it severely. I used to have heavy periods that lasted 5-7 days, now I have a light period, but it lasts 10-12 days, and the's like being in labor, with no relief for at least 2-3 days. I NEVER had menstrual cramps before the procedure, just heavy bleeding.


pumpkin - September 26

I had nova sure today and have been back to the ER the pain was so intense. If it lasts 3 days, I will go crazy. I had the most intense cramps, nothing would relive it. Not the Vicoidin and 800 mg ibuoprofen they sent me home with. They gave me a shot of Dilaudid, a pwerful narcotic before I left in my iv and it still hurt like crazy. When I went back thry gave me a larger dose of the same meds. Im feeling okay right now, butwhat happens when it wears off again?


trishwitch - September 26

hey i hear u completly about the pain.. i had the novasure d/c and hystroscopy 1 wk ago pain meds seem to work..going back to my dr today to see why i am still cramping..also very sad and getting hot flashes.i am lucky to have a very compassionate dr. i have to kids had a drug free delivery and a c section and didn't have this much pain..worried if this was the right choice..



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