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Clitoris trouble....helppppp
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whimsy - June 25

Firstly, let me apologise for coming to you all with my genital woes without properly introducing myself........I'm an impatient sod and need reassurance (please!) and advice as soon as you can give it aha! I have one main problem and then another worry, but it's the main problem I shall highlight first....also, apologise if any of this is TMI.

Ok, so......I am not sexually active (apart from masturbation - usually clitoral stimulation). I've never had any problems up until a few days ago. For about three days now my clit has been very swollen and very sore to the touch. The "hood" and "look" of it is about twice it's normal size. There isn't pain, as such, just a feeling of it not being right and it feels a bit awkward. the only time I have pain is if I prod it or press down.

At first, it felt like a hard long bone/tube had shifted and sort of moved out of place (on my clitoris and above it, no idea about specific clit anatomy but this is what it felt like). Now, it's not so much hard feeling but kinda smushy and like it could be filled with a liquid. There is white bits on my clitoris hood, I keep cleaning away. There is no strong smell, but a normal "dischargey" type smell. My hood is very swollen and red (although, maybe not any more than usual, i'm not familiar with the looks of things down there to be honest.

I'm wondering......well, what the hell has happened?? Does it sound like yeast? I have felt a little itchy down there and my vagina is a little itchy. I really want to avoid going to the doctors for as long as I can and would rather try and deal with it at home. I have high anxiety and the thought of pulling my daisy dukes down and baring all in front of my GP sends a panic down my spine.

So - swollen clitorus/hood
- some dry discharge

How can I help this? What over the counter medication might help if it's yeast? Will a hot bath help? HELLLLLLPPPPPPP?!

My second worry is that........I am a virgin (mid 20's, I know I know) but I seem to never be able to insert anything even when I am highly aroused/lubricated and feeling "ready". What is wrong? I've tried and tried (carefully, I might add) but with no success, I can use tampons and insert one finger...two at a push but nothing else, it's like fort knox down there..............



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