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Cervical stimulation is it ok?
16 Replies
chaz9981 - September 12

My wife likes her cervix stimulated a little during sex, but this time she has had a little blood spotting afterwards. is this normal???


Oblivion - September 12

Yes this is normal. The cervix connects to the uterus. The little hole in the cervix is where the period blood/ baby comes out. So pressure can make it bleed a little.


timmy - September 12

right behind the cervix is the G Spot, so this is why she likes it. Not harmful at all.


Lelouch - September 12

The G-Spot(Urethral Sponge) sits 1-2 inches inside the vagina behind the pubic bone.Sorry to correct you.


Dallasfan - September 14

Do what she asks. She'll let you know if it goes beyond the pleasurable type of pain.


Monica - November 6

The other day, a friend and I were giving each other erotic massages, and while he was rubbing my g-spot I asked him if he could reach to feel my cervix. So he carefully delves deeper and I get this really good sensation as he rubs it gently. He said it felt like a tiny, slimy dough nut. Of course I laughed. So he massaged it for a little while, trying different patterns and pressures. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. What is your experience with cervix stimulation? Do any other women enjoy this?


Dallasfan - November 6

No one I know has ever said to me they enjoyed it specifically, but I know some that hated it. They said it hurts, and for some even a penis rubbing against or hitting it hurts them.


Moebius - November 8

I am glad to hear that it is enjoyable, perhaps ones that never complained when I gently slid my finger around it in a circle actually were enjoying it expressly. Is it just me or does erotic massage not usually include gspot and cervical massage?


Luffy - November 8

I've never had a woman ask me to deliberately touch or stimulate her cervix. have had enough reports of pain there, never really tried to deliberately investigate it.


JegetheBoy - November 9

I've had plenty of women who like stimulation just front side (anterior) of her cervix, or posterior - in her fornix. I think you can reach some nerve bundles either side - maybe the fornix is where you can reach the vagus nerve.


chivalricgoat - November 9

I love cervical stimulation. Almost to the point that I need it to climax at times.


adickted2 - April 23

Nice to know my 48 yr young g/f is not alone.She loves me to stimulate her cervix.Like a second G Spot


dre - August 13

It seems to be very pleasurable for my girlfriend. I am well-endowed and my girlfriend loves for me to stimulate her cervix with my penis.


elbasso4 - November 26

Spot on!!


stantheman - January 7

My girl loves it!!! Im not the longest hung guy and she frequently has vaginal orgasms while having intercourse which Im sure penis manipulation of the cervix helps! She has more intercourse orgasms then most women I have been with? She loves the twirling motion with my finger around it while adding in some g-spot manipulations as well....Drives her crazy! She has a tilted uterus also?? Seems to be close before arousal and then once shes hot and ready it does back up a bit making room for my average 6 3/4" 's


stantheman - January 7

Funny thing is she says she prefers clitoral stimulation for orgasms??? Go figure... She also has what I would like to believe are squirting or very near squirting orgasms when stimulating the g-spot but still says she prefers clitoral orgasms???


Annie_Brass - January 18

I don't see anything wrong, I love to play with my cervix also, I've been playing with it since I was 14 and still do it, I actually like to penetrate it with toys and go deep inside, it's my favorite thing to do when it comes to sex/masturbation.



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