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when is the right time to try again?
6 Replies
louise - July 3

when is the right time to try again after miscarriage? days, weeks, months or years? please be specific. i am a newbie and would love to hear any pointers. many many thanks!


britney - August 12

it all depends on you. but i personally think that you need to give it at least 3 months before trying when you're most ready physically and emotionally. best of luck!


chai - August 15

i got pregnant not even a month after my miscarriage and we weren't even prepared for it that time but we managed to deal with it. our little angel is now turning 3 years old, glad we made it!


leng - September 11

aside from doctor's advice, you can always start anytime you want. but it would always be best to start trying again when everything is back on track. best of luck!


Anisa - May 31

Hey. Sorry to hear about your loss. You should give sometime. I think you should consult a good doctor. He would tell you properly. I had a miscarriage in my early married life. Later I found I had cervix incompetence disease which left me Infertile. I was so disturbed and discouraged due to my failure in conceiving a baby. I chose to go for surrogacy for me. I asked my partner and he was agreed with my choice. So we looked through a clinic and went there. The clinic gave us rights to the unborn child. The surrogate was healthy and cooperative. I was honored with an infant following 9 months. I am glad that I discovered this technique usefully. I would Suggest this procedure to the People who can't conceive and need babies badly. Stay blessed.


Jennaspence - May 31

I am sorry for the MC. How are you holding up? How is your health? Make sure you take care of your health. Your body lost an important part. Now, In my opinion, you should wait for few months. So that your body recovers.


Cora044 - June 1

Hey there! I hope you are doing good. I am so sorry for your miscarriage. Miscarriage is the worst thing ever happens in women's lives. It takes a lot of from a woman. I had a miscarriage twice. It was very frustrating. Well, after a miscarriage a body needs some time to heal. I suggest you that you should try again after 6 months. You also consult with your doctor. Stay blessed



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