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33 Replies
tiny - December 3

I am advised to gain a little weight because it may cause miscarriage once I decided to ttc. What are your views about this?


s U s I e - December 3

Of course you should be at your normal weight because from the carrying of the baby, it will require the right weight. I guess common sense will tell why it is important.


PerryTim - December 3

Actually true because to have a healthy pregnancy is to have enough fats in the body. If you are very thin and do not have the right diet or nutrition then it may contribute to the risk of miscarriage.


quo - December 3

you may also have an eating problem that needs to correct.what do you think?


Bubbles0005 - December 3

That could also be possible quo because a woman's eating habit is sometimes abnormal or maybe your metabolism is just too fast.


MOELA - December 3



PerryTim - December 4

Hi MOELA! How is it going? I've read your posts on being obese. Did you have any preparation for another pregnancy?


tiny - December 8

I don't really have a problem with my appetite of eating style. I think it just runs in the blood that we have a fast metabolism.


Steven - December 8

I've seen some mothers with small or thin built and they had a healthy pregnancy. Most mothers gain weight when pregnant so why try to gain before pregnancy when you can easily gain weight when pregnant?


NanciH - December 8

That is possible Steven but sometimes it is not only on the build of the mother but more on the nutrients that is inside the body which should be prepared before pregnancy.


Sally - December 13

The weight maybe a factor but not the cause of the miscarriage. It may be connected to certain risks but very slight I think.


Vivian - December 13

Being underweight is risky not only for the mother for not being able to carry the growing baby but that of the baby as well for the possible nutrients needed.


Sally - December 13

Of course the life and safety of the baby is the main purpose here. You know what this kind of problem is really simple and easy to solve.


cRoWdEdRoOm - December 13

Well compared to other reasons this is quite simple but the bottom line is there is still the loss and the difficulty or risk of having a miscarriage.


tiny - December 16

Maybe you find it easy but it isn't easy for me at all. If I were to decide my weight is just enough.


Brightcurve - December 16

Gaining weight is very advantageous during pregnancy to lower the mother's chances of getting hemorrhoids, backaches, stretch marks, short in breathing. Although gaining should only be limited to certain boundaries.


tiny - December 16

Thanks for that Brightcurve but how much is the limited boundary? Is it the maximum or the minimum that is needed to be gained by the mother?



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