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twins m/c
10 Replies
felice - August 22

I am now slowly moving on with my miscarriage. The most painful part is, it should've been twins at almost 9 weeks. I bled for more or less 3 weeks. My husband and I are trying to cope up slowly but the thought of ttc now is just getting away from the picture, it's frustrating.. No AF for seven weeks since d&c. I though my body could recover well.


Angel E - September 8

i hope at this time, you are close to coping up completely. it is hard for a parent to expect but lose the baby. it is just so hard.


beatrice - September 9

the toughest a mother could ever experience! did you visit your doctor recently?


littlelou - September 10

it is never easy, i feel how you feel, i can't even endure the pain every time i remember what happened to me.


Svetlana - September 10

hi, just continue for your recovery and of course prayers and visit to your OB as well.


jenica - September 11

took me two months to test negative after mc.


reese - September 11

a husband will not fully understand the pain a mother is going through, it is definitely unexplainable, it's so heartbreaking.


ella232 - May 14

It's best if you avoid having sex until bleeding has totally stopped to avoid infections. no one can really say if you had a miscarriage because we don't know what is normal for you so it's better to see a doctor. hope this helps!!


Cora044 - May 15

Hello! How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. I feel very bad to hear about your losses. It is very hurting. I had also a miscarriage twice. It is very difficult to pass through this. I hope for the best for you. Goodluck


Anisa - May 29

Hey. I feel very bad to hear about your losses. You should adopt some other unnatural methods if there is an infertility issue. IVF is a somewhat Good procedure to have babies. But this didn't work for my situation. I was Infertile due to cervix Incompetence disease. I went to IVF yet no good fortune. At that point, I was so broken in light of the fact that I needed an infant badly. I came to think about surrogacy from a couple. I made my mind and asked my husband He agreed to it. At last, we chose to go to a similar facility in Europe where my friend went. So after a long time, we had a child. I am so glad and I would suggest you the same.


Jennaspence - June 3

Oh, My God. This is so painful. How are you now honey? Did you manage to get over it? I know you might have not. They were twins after all. It must have taken all the energy out of your body. You bled for three weeks. This is so painful to imagine. I wish I could just hug you. No one can understand what you are going through. It is like you are exhausted. Mentally and physically both. Ask your doctor to prescribe you some vitamins, Your body needs nutrition right now. Dont think of getting pregnant any time soon. Your body needs to recover. I will keep you in my prayers.



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