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thrice concurrent miscarriages
11 Replies
Cecilia020880 - June 20

it is the third time, YES THREE TIMES in a row i had miscarriage. i'm now 35 years old and i am beginning to lose hope. i have been healthy all throughout my life, i don't smoke, i don't drink, well i drink occasionally, and i am living a healthy lifestyle. i don't know if yoyo dieting could be the culprit, what do you think ladies. i am so frustrated now. . . i just don't know what to say, i feel really, really bad.


gemini_girl - July 4

yes, YO-YO dieting can affect your fertility. drastic changes in weight may cause you problem to lose vital nutrients and will deprive your body of protein.


elisse - July 31

i think you need to understand how or what causes your recurrent miscarriage since it is already three times.


prettyRose - August 1

three or more miscarriages in a row is a serious one. you may need to visit your gynaecologist to identify the reason for your losses.


jolly188 - May 14

Hello. Dear I am really sorry for your losses. Three miscarriages surely are very painful. I know that how much broken and sad you will be feeling. These things are a natural and we can't do anything related to it. You shouldn't curse yourself. This is not your mistake which lead to miscarriage. You just have to remain calm and take a positive approach. The life has not ended yet. There are many opportunities waiting for you. There are many other options which you can take to have a baby. I suggest you to go for surrogacy. It is really an effective and guaranteed method. Surrogacy has helped many couples in having a baby. It provides you with the best and guaranteed results. So stop losing hope and go and research on surrogacy. I think it will be the best option for you. All my best wishes are with you. Best Of luck.


ella232 - May 14

I am really sorry for your losses. I think you need to understand how or what causes your recurrent miscarriage since it is already three times. You may need to visit your gynecologist to identify the reason for your losses. Stay strong gal! Much power to you.


Cora044 - May 15

Hello dear! I hope you are fine. I feel so sorry to hear about your losses. You are such a brave lady. MC is a traumatic thing in the women's life. I also had passed through the same situation and had two miscarriages. But I didn't lose hope. As a result of my this, I blessed with a child third time. I suggest you that you should don't take the stress. Don't be frustrated. Hope for the best. I wish you would become a mother soon. My best wishes are with you. Goodluck. Stay blessed.


cindy - May 15

hey there! I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about your loss. I can really feel what you are going through because I have been through the same, I had two miscarriages. but then I went for surrogacy which was a great decision. I think you go for surrogacy, it will be best for you. stay strong and do not lose hope. I am hopeful that you will become a mother soon. thank you!


Anisa - May 16

Hey! It is an extraordinary misfortune. It is a bad luck for the lady particularly. I know it would be so hard for you. I know the feeling of losing the infant. I faced infertility for 10 years due to Cervical incompetence. It made me so hurtful. I picked surrogacy without delaying much time. I went to the best Clinic in Europe. I hope this is sufficient to comfort you. Stay blessed.


monikadavid - May 31

Hey, I hope you're doing well. I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. It must have been extremely hard for you. The diet you're following lacks essentional macro and micronutrients which are extremely important for your body. I think this could be one of the biggest reasons for your problem. Also since there were three recurrent MC you need to know the more direct reason as well. I think you should definitely visit your doctor and ask them. You might be having a problem staying pregnant. Also, start researching this problem on your own as well. See if any help from assistant treatments can be of any use. Just don't give up! I am sure the problem isn't that serious. You are able to get pregnant which means your eggs are completely fine. You just probably need certain medication and a good healthy diet. Good luck!


scarlett9999 - May 31

hello there. how are you? having three miscarriages is a serious condition.go visit a doctor as soon as possible. consulting a doctor about this matter is important. he will guide you the best. I feel sorry for your loss. ill pray for you dear. please do not lose hope. try seeking ways to prevent this. else, you can go for surrogacy or IVF. my you make the right choice. keep me updated. lots of love.bye.


Cora044 - June 7

Hey there. Sad to hear about you. It is really hurting thing. sometimes it is written in fate. So we cannot change the fate. we are in the same boat. After my four MCs, I was totally fed up. I was losing hope of being a mother. Then I decided to go for some alternates. Surrogacy was the option before me. But it was really hard to decide about the surrogacy. But now I am happy to announce that I got a surrogate son. IT was the great journey of surrogacy. It is really helpful for the people like us. Do not worry about the process. It is the safest way of getting a bay. So I would also recommend you to go for it. Best wishes



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