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23 Replies
jackie_ruiz - October 18

I had a miscarriage last month and I still could not recover and I am dealing with the guilt that scares me to have another pregnancy. We got married last January and I got pregnant six months after but had a natural miscarriage 2 months after. I felt guilty for it because I think I should have tried to be more careful and do less of my work for a healthy pregnancy.


PerryTim - October 18

I do understand you situation. I also felt guilty for my miscarriage and I blame myself for taking bc pills for 3 years that I believe affected my capacity to carry a full term pregnancy. It is really frustrating and if only I can turn back time.


jackie_ruiz - October 18

Hi PerryTim, sorry for your lost. I agree with the frustration. About your case, I don't think bc pills can cause a miscarriage unless you were taking the pills while pregnant. Don't you think so?


SuReBabY - October 19

Being guilty is normal but you have to move on and not dwell on it. You should not get scared also of ttc again. I have read some articles about mother who felt guilty for the lost and your case is very common so don't you worry about it, it will just pass.


Hoklner_wise - October 19

If you felt guilty about it then try to do something that could help you make up for the lost and not just stay scared and blaming yourself for it. It won't help trust me.


jackie_ruiz - October 20

I understand your point but I think at this stage I am just not yet ready to ttc and I can't risk getting pregnant with my emotional status because it might affect the baby.


dorriesmith - October 22

That's perfectly fine to take your time jackie_ruiz because you are the one carrying your baby and whatever you are feeling would affect the baby.


Fairy28 - October 24

I also have a guilt feeling when I sometimes eat or drink something that might affect my baby. Also at times when I can't avoid things that my OB tells me not to do.


Bubbles0005 - November 15

I have read a lot of testimonies and books about pregnancy loss and abortion, being guilty or having the guilt for the loss is very common. We just have to stay strong and never lose our grip because it will be very hard to move on.


zzzAndreazzz - November 15

I don't feel any guilt with my situation but instead I feel sorry for myself for having this kind of uterus but I still have the hope of someday I will have a baby, a healthy baby...:)


Almond…STAR - November 15

That is really true andrea, I don't feel any guilt too but instead I'm feeling sorry for myself. It is kind of unfair that I am not blessed with a normal and healthy womb for a new life.


ArChIeNeSs - November 19

I guess being guilty would depend on the cause of the loss or the mother's action towards her pregnancy. Feeling guilty is not really an issue because it is a personal feeling that you can control at times.


Xpressbaby - November 21

In order to avoid feeling guilty we just have to do everything to save the baby. There are times also when we don't know when we get pregnant and we continue some vices that may cause the miscarriage, so that way we feel guilty about it.


MarieLD - November 21

I guess every mother will do everything to save and take of the baby until birth. So, if there is a guilt feeling I think it is because she can't accept the loss.


Angela16 - November 21

I hope that you can recover from the guilt feeling. I can't tell if I will feel that way too. Haven't experienced and I pray never will I experience pregnancy loss.


worthway - November 28

feeling guilty is sometimes a psychological effect. i agree about the difficulty of accepting it. being guilty is not new because we are just humans and we can't accept loss without blaming someone.


Amanda - December 16

I've read so much about being guilty about the loss but I don't think we have to feel that way. We all are struggling and wanted the baby so much but it happened so why do we feel guilty?



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