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Signs & Symptoms
14 Replies
Lipstick - September 5

The most common symptom of a loss pregnancy is vaginal bleeding. It would also include light spotting.

What other symptoms that would indicate a miscarriage?


SusanRenz - September 5

Abdominal cramps and fever would also indicate a miscarriage. Other signs also that needs medical assistance is the absence of the baby's heartbeat.


lily24flower - September 5

hi everyone. i am lily and i'm 24 years old. i am interested in knowing these signs and symptoms because i am a week delayed now and i'm scared to tell my parents about it. i was thinking maybe i am pregnant and to be honest i am not ready for this. i haven't told anyone even my boyfriend. i admit if ever i am pregnant, i am hoping to miscarry. on the other hand i'm thinking how many mothers are striving to have a baby or a full-term pregnancy and here i am hoping for the opposite. i don't know what exactly to feel and do right now.


GeraldineFitcher - September 9

lily- hi there! You have a different situation and I was just like absorbing what you posted. You should be thankful for the conception and you are right about how other mothers are struggling to have a baby alive. I hope you handle your situation the right way. I'll pray for you.

Common signs of miscarriage are mild to severe back pain, weight loss, and white-pink mucus.


SusanRenz - September 14

lily I think you are in the wrong forum, no offense but I am a little disappointed by your point. You can just imagine how we grieve for a loss baby and there you are hoping to miscarry. Sound stupid and very immoral. You have to seek some counseling before you ruin your life.


durabell - September 14

I am thankful that I don't have these symptoms right now except that I can't still hear the heartbeat on my 9th week. I think I just have to wait for next week, hopefully a heartbeat will be detected.

SusanRenz is right lily24flower, seek advice from support groups of your situation.


Stella_Peter - September 15

In my case it was a stillbirth and no particular symptoms occurred. It was really frustrating because it happened without me knowing at all until I had a visit for prenatal.


lily24flower - September 21

hi again mothers, i'm sorry to disappoint you with my immature thinking. i am now ready to take the responsibility of taking care of my baby. thanks for all your concerns and this will be my greatest gift to myself. i don't care if my boyfriend will not accept my decision. my parents already knew about this and they got angry but i know they will understand. thanks again and good luck to all of you mothers!


SusanRenz - September 22

Great to hear that from you lily. You have made the right decision. Well, good luck and keep us posted.


a n n a b e l l e - September 23

another sign also is when the baby does not move, like kicking in an hour. in case of stillbirth like Stella_Peter's experience, have you noticed that the baby did not make any movement?


Stella_Peter - September 24

Yeah I noticed that the baby did not move but I was just giving myself some reasons to believe that I am just being paranoid. I did not expect that it could be that alarming. I was in the state of denial I think.


Imhere - September 24

These symptoms are easy to determine but none of these are present to mine. I just can't seem to get pregnant and when I consulted with my doctor she asked me if I had a miscarriage and I said no. She made a series of tests and I've had several miscarriages without my knowledge at all. I was thinking maybe the regular menstruation I had are already signs of miscarriage in my case.


a n n a b e l l e - September 26

Stella_Peter-yeah for stillbirth no movement is the most common symptom.

Imhere-i've had a friend who experienced the same and it was termed as chemical pregnancy.


Imhere - September 27

Maybe I've had that kind of pregnancy annabelle. I've searched about it and there are signs connected with it. I still have to undergo some tests and maybe I have also some fertility issues.


a n n a b e l l e - September 29

Imhere- yeah it can also be fertility issues that caused you to have very early mc or a chemical pregnancy in that case. Are taking any vitamins or something?



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