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miscarriage twice in a row!
7 Replies
belinda - June 6

hi i'm Belinda and i had miscarriage twice last year. recently my husband asked me that we should try again. there's nothing wrong about it but i've been so depressed lately and i don't think i am ready. pls, i need some serious advice to help me cope up. thanks.


Suzzane - June 28

tell him, just be straight to the point. having two miscarriage in a row is no joke. you have to recover first physically, mentally, and emotionally. there is no need to rush, the healing process takes time. i had miscarriage like 3 yrs ago, but until this time, i am still having difficulties to cope up.


Catarina - July 30

the need of more time to recover from a miscarriage it ain't easy. you might want to bring your husband with you to the doctor so he would also get to know what you are going through.


crissa - July 31

sorry for your loss. do not stress yourself, start ttc whenever you are ready dear. timing is very important and you don't want another fail. so just take your time.


pannie - September 11

just be honest, tell your husband about how you feel with the recent loss and how hard for you to cope up as of the moment. he will definitely understand everything, you just need to explain it to him.


xenia - November 13

hi belinda, sorry to know yr story. I agree with girls, talk with yr husband honestly, probably ask for his understanding and support. Once i found info that a pregnancy might end in msc cause of chromosomal aneuploidy. If think it might be the reason of yr msc, search net or probably consult yr doc


Anisa - May 29

Hey. So sorry for your loss. I know it hurts a lot because I also suffered from it. I had 3 miscarriages in my past and I know how you are feeling. I want to share my experience. I was so broken when I first heard about my infertility because after that I wasn't able to conceive. It was so hurting and devastating and in the end, I gave up on having babies. But, later I found about surrogacy. I talked to my husband and he agreed. We went to a clinic in Europe for it and now we have a baby girl.


Jennaspence - May 29

I know it is a hard time. Tell your husband that you are not ready mentally. You should also see a doctor. Find out the issue. Maybe you need to make changes to the body. Prep it well before next TTC. I guess things will change. Do let me know if you need any more help.



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