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26 Replies
Kisses - December 2

Giving up is a hard decision to make. We can never say it's over until we are told that there is nothing we can do about it and that there is no more hope.


Amanda - December 9

Well, I don't consider such as giving Kisses because we were given no choice if there is no more hope. We look for other options like adoption.


sweet - December 9

No never give up. Life has still so much to offer like the options that Amanda said.


strawberry - December 13

it is sometimes tempting to give up especially if you are in the exact situation and there's no one to lean on and gain some strength with.


Amanda - December 14

Yes that is true strawberry, so when faced to a very lonely situation you should first clear your mind of the bad thoughts and never make a decision, think things over and over again before anything else.


CryingTime - December 14

I did not reach the point of giving up but I felt so depressed and it was a kind of feeling that is beyond imaginable pain. That is how describe it because I am not use to having to deal with failure and there is nothing I can do about it.


barbie - December 14

Very easy to say that but deep inside us we are about to give up. At least we try to cover up and avoid being so depressed.


PerryTim - December 14

It is normal, sometimes I do pretend to feel ok but deep inside I'm not. I've been to the doctor for a prenatal and I am pregnant but doctor said I have to be extra careful because it is risky to miscarry again due to my hormonal factor. I am taking a lot of vitamins and close monitoring with her.


QString99 - December 15

Congrats PerryTim, you will be fine don't worry as long as you follow all the necessary reminders and advice of your doctor.


PerryTim - December 15

Thanks QString99, I really needed that. I am just a little worried about my situation, can't fully enjoy my pregnancy.


Catherine_14 - December 15

I'm sad about that PerryTim. I understand because you fear to lose again. Just don't think about it that much because it isn't healthy for your baby.



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