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effects of miscarriage treatment to fertility
15 Replies
worthway - November 2

what are the possible effects of mc treatments to fertility? this issue is very important especially to first time moms who still want to get pregnant to the full term.


SassyMom - November 2

I am worried of having effects to my fertility. I am a first time mom and had miscarried last month and I'm afraid I might not get pregnant again.


Imhere - November 4

I think it is a case to case basis. Treatments would of course have side effects but I doctors would also consider our fertility and will not perform procedures that will be bad for the mother.


MarieLD - November 9

This is alarming and I wish it won't have any effect on the fertility.Anyone who can give confirmation on this?


s U s I e - November 26

I agree with Imhere. You should trust your doctor about your situation. If ever there are side effects then of course they will inform or consult you with it.


Imhere - December 1

Ok,if ever there are really mothers who were affected by the miscarriage treatment then maybe it is an isolated case.


GeraldineFitcher - December 20

Sometimes the doctor is not to be blamed because the treatment or procedure to correct the disorder may vary in its effect to a certain person. So this case is something that is sometimes unavoidable and unintentional.


maryabbygail*** - December 21

i have read from the that treatment for miscarriage does not affect long term fertility. a study was conducted and with around 80% of the women reported a subsequent pregnancy after the miscarriage.


Lipstick - December 21

In fact mothers who had miscarriage has a higher tendency of having a live birth in their subsequent pregnancies.


kaireen - December 21

That's right Lipstick because about 85% of mothers who miscarry go on with healthy pregnancy the next time.


SusanRenz - December 21

That is nice to know kaireen, it would inspire mothers to try again and not lose hope.


Lipstick - December 21

Yes but we should still be ready for whatever possibilities because it will not apply to all cases.


jackie_ruiz - December 22

Hello moms, I am still waiting for me to get pregnant again but still nothing happens. I know it is still too early for it has been 3 months after my miscarriage. I did not have any surgical procedure but it is still hard to ttc again.


Fishlette - December 22

That's normal jackie_ruiz because sometimes our body is still adjusting to the loss and make take some time to go back to its normal state.


jackie_ruiz - December 22

Yeah I am thinking of that possibility too. Thanks.


ginger - December 22

i also believe that fertility issues are not caused by miscarriage treatments. it has something to do with the body's reaction.



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