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Ectopic Pregnancy
26 Replies
Karen_505 - August 23

This kind of pregnancy disorder is when an embryo is not in the proper place to settle which the uterus but instead in the fallopian tube. What are the different ways of treating it?


Lipstick - August 23

There are different procedures in treating it depending on how old is the baby. It can be treated through medication or surgery.


Sabrina - August 24

If it is on its first trimester then medication can be possible. The drug is called Methotrexate which is given by injection or by mouth.(for more info go to HealthLinkBC)


Marnie - August 24

The treatment through surgery is very common. For me I think it is the safest way in order to be sure that nothing is left and that the uterus is really cleaned and safe for the next pregnancy.


Karen_505 - August 28

If through medication, can we really say that it is a safe method or that we are assured that the abortion is complete?


Naomi - August 28

Hi Karen, after the medication there are follow up tests to ensure that the uterus is safe and free from all unnecessary tissues. It should be all cleaned up to prepare for another possible pregnancy.


Joyce35 - August 31

This must have been a painful experience because as I've read through the signs and symptoms, it talks about severe pain and bleeding. I wonder why ectopic pregnancy happens? What are its causes and can it be avoided?


Naomi - September 3

There are several factors that increase the risks of having an ectopic pregnancy. One is a damaged fallopian tube, smoking, and surgery. If you talk about the cause, it is still unknown. It can be avoided too.


Karen_505 - September 4

Oh I see. thanks for your replies. I now have a clearer view of ectopic pregnancy. So for the cause, it is still unknown. I just can't give myself an explanation why this happen but I think it is more on the science side.


a n n a b e l l e - December 14

how is it that ectopic pregnancy is also caused by having "quickie" which is unprotected? heard it from my friends.


a n n a b e l l e - December 14

i'm sorry there is a typo error. it should be "how true is it?" hehe...


hiejron - December 14

what's quickie?


barbie - December 14

Hahaha... "quickie" is when you have a quick sexual contact with your partner, meaning you are not at the right time and place.

I also heard of it but I think it is just some kind of a joke.


uggoerelif - December 14

dat kud b possible bcoz of d positn of d couple in mkng out.


barbie - December 14

Well it could also be a factor too. But I just see it funny and like a joke.


PerryTim - December 14

That's weird, I haven't heard about it. If you imagine it uggoerelif has a point. I don't think there is truth to it to be honest.


QString99 - December 15

I've had an ectopic pregnancy and I don't think a quickie caused such to



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