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Amor Vander - August 24

As a mother who have loss a child during my second trimester, I am concerned about how to accept the situation. There are different causes but no matter how it happened there is still the loss and we have to accept it. I admit it was hard but there is nothing I can do with it. Share your stories and how did you learn to accept it?


kaireen - August 24

Even if I haven't experience it I still know how it feels because it is my greatest fear of not having a baby. Acceptance is so broad and it will depend on how the mother gets the support that she needed in order to recover and move on.


Lipstick - August 24

There are support groups that can help mothers in learning the process of acceptance.


Ladylou - August 24

I was able to accept easily when I miscarried my first baby because it was never meant to be. My baby was not in good position, it was an ectopic pregnancy and it was discovered during the first trimester. So the art of acceptance will depend on how it happened or the reason for the pregnancy loss. We can't blame ourselves about it and we have to move on for those that are still alive and needs our love and care.


bambi - August 27

Mine was an Inevitable abortion or a miscarriage that was really meant to be. There was no growth of the baby and it was really hard to accept but you are correct, there is nothing we can do about it but accept.


MomiSarah - September 29

I was able to accept it because I was praying for it and my husband made me realize that things that happened are with a purpose that I might just overlooked. I am thankful that I was able to see the brighter side even is the pain is still here.


Imhere - November 4

In my case there is nothing really to deal with because I miscarry without my knowledge. I've got no choice but to accept it and keep trying maybe.


Mae Param - November 9

Sure we have to go through a in denial stage but things will be in its right place and acceptance will be felt. You just have to make things clear to you and the whole process will just go with the flow.


HOPE - November 9



zzzAndreazzz - November 15

In my case, I can accept the fact that I will have a difficulty in getting pregnant but I am hopeful that someday I will have a baby.


dorriesmith - November 21

It is nice to know that despite all there is still hope after accepting the loss. That is the most important thing after a storm.


MarieLD - November 21

That is the brighter side of the loss dorriesmith. Although it is hard at first but I've seen moms who recover from the loss and have a fresh start.


strawberry - November 30

really hard to know if i have accepted the loss. is it possible to have accepted it but can't still move on? the pain is still here and it seems unending.


SassyMom - December 17

I learned to accept my loss with the hope that it was just a learning experience for me and it will not happen again. I told myself that maybe I needed that to be prepared and be a better mother.


Kisses - December 17

That is nice SassyMom, sometimes our experience is the best teacher.


Honeydee - December 17

I just embraced the pain, I grieved and I gave myself a time to heal the loss. It was hard but I had to. I will try to be strong and not be too affected by the things that are happening now.


SassyMom - December 17

Yes that is the best statement Kisses.

I'm sorry for your loss honeydee, it looks like you are still in the process of recovering.



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