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]]My Story[[
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CryingTime - December 14

Pregnancy loss is very common but is still a big impact to the family most especially to us mothers. The day I had my first miscarriage was like the end of the world. I felt literally useless, I hated myself and I thought that was a punishment to me. I am not really fun of having children around when I was in my younger years. Even when I got married i just thought, yeah we have to have kids but not rushing to have one. It was when I miscarried that I realized how lonely it is and how depressing and disappointing. That was my turning point and when I got pregnant again after 5 months I was so excited and at 10 weeks gestation I miscarried again. That was last September of this year. Now I am still having the trauma of the loss and I am not ready to get pregnant yet. Hopefully soon. How about your story?


Amanda - December 14

I know how it feels and in my case I had my most depressing experience too. After marriage, we waited for 3 years before I got pregnant but unfortunately miscarried due to hormonal imbalance. I was about to give up but I met someone whose situation was harder than mine. So, go go CryingTime, you still have a long way to go.


CryingTime - December 14

I see, it is indeed depressing too when you have to wait for a long time then for nothing. Thanks for the encouragement Amanda and sorry for the loss. What is your status now? Are you ttc again?


Amanda - December 14

Well, we are having some follow up check up still to fixed my hormones. Got vitamins to take and other tests. I'm not in a hurry, I am just taking my time for now.


Kirsten - December 14

Oh that is so sad CryingTime but you have to think that you are not alone in this battle. If you see it as a punishment, then it is only your own thinking because I don't see that not being so fun with children is a mistake or fault. At least now you are a mother even without a live baby but you already conceived twice so don't feel useless about it.


CryingTime - December 14

Thanks for such comforting words Kirsten. I just felt a little guilty and I did not mean it. I even thought that maybe I don't deserve to be a mother because I don't like children that much before.


hiejron - December 14

that is not a basis CryingTime of who deserves a child and who's not deserving.i guess these are just test and like you said it made you realized things and you had your turning that is the purpose of such loss.


a n n a b e l l e - December 14

yap hiejron is right, there is a purpose for each loss and that we have to see and be open for it.


barbie - December 14

I also had a miscarriage last year due to too much stress and I was advised to lessen my coffee intake. I thought I was pregnant again but it was a false alarm. We are still trying as of the moment.


uggoerelif - December 14

tk ur tym bcoz f u 4rce urself to recovr so fast it will jaz mk u more husband undrstnds my situatn n im thnkful dat he did nt pressure me 2 try agen.


QString99 - December 15

I'm sorry for the loss ladies. I can relate to how CryingTime feels and the idea of getting pregnant or worse being pregnant gives me some fear because of the trauma.


kaireen - December 15

It is normal to be traumatized but we should keep in mind that we can't just stop because of one or two failures but instead be stronger and try again.


Catherine_14 - December 15

The stories are really heart breaking. I've realized that no matter how unique the cause of the loss maybe. we are still grieving the same.


Lipstick - December 15

When I experienced my loss I was a little irritable and sensitive about the issue but as times comes I face such challenge and really committed to learn more about pregnancy loss. It helped me a lot and made me realized my mistakes and overcome such struggle.


kaireen - December 15

Oh that's nice Lipstick. It more like facing your fear and beat it. So how did it go?


Lipstick - December 15

Yes, more on understanding why it happened and try to avoid the causes.

After that I've had 3 successful deliveries and healthy children but the fear is always there every time.


kaireen - December 15

I see, that's great to hear. Congrats Lipstick. Hope everybody will be inspired by her experience.



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