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The unwanted side effects of pregnancy
36 Replies
Icah Cane - August 26

The first undesirable symptom of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting and then the so called "morning sickness" of which the problem can occur at at other times of the day.


Mama Mea - August 26

Side Effects of pregnancy is mostly occur in the first trimester. Early in the morning,mostly pregnant women experienced dizziness and wanted to vomit but to some it occurs at any times of the day.
Side effects are not the same to every pregnant women.Different side effects may experienced to each one of them.
If this symptom persist it is better to consult a gynecologist.


Lovella - August 28

Craving of food which is not normal is one of the side effects of pregnancy and any other unexplained behavior that may experienced to some pregnant women.


ofilia - November 7

Unwanted side effects of pregnancy can be avoided only if the pregnant mother will give her self such extra care.


dale - November 7

Yes, if a pregnant mother will just be careful in everything then, surely the unwanted side effects of pregnancy can be avoided. A pregnant mother must first put her great concerned for her baby.


wenah - November 7

Who wants to have a side effects during pregnancy, right? For me, as much as I could still avoid it, I do every thing to prevent any kinds of side effects to ruin my pregnancy.


Circuit - November 9

The unwanted side effects of pregnancy is never can be controlled but your emotions about these can be controlled, so just stay calm and don't panic, maintained your poise.Take care!


Lander - November 9

Hello! I'm here to make you encourage that every time we are pregnant we can face the problems of the side effects that we can always experience, but if there is a problem, there must a solution.


Nike88 - November 9

Our brain is the one that controls our body, whenever we got pregnant, we must think positive so to our life may not turn miserable for we must stand confidently, smile take it easy,for this will only pass by.


earth - November 9

If there is good effects, then there is a coupled side effects, but never lean on to side effects, for it may leads you to


myLord - November 9

Side effects can be controllable. One can manage herself through an apprehensible minds, she may not think of negative emotions but always think wisely for a bright future of herself and for the baby.


Joeanne - November 10

Who wants to have a side effects during pregnancy? I think no one would like it, but in everything there is an opposite may show up, we have to face the reality. In a sorrow its partner is happy, in richness its partner is poor, but it is true happening in life, so face it!


Lorlie - November 10

A pregnant woman may not think that life is full of happiness there are happenings that we may not like it to happen, but it is part of the procedure of the Will of God, so lift up all these to God!Trust Him!


Vanessh - November 10

It is important that in our life there is balance. The unwanted side effects of pregnancy can be minimized through positive thinking.!


2gaydear - November 10

Hello! are you still there? you know in every moments of our life, there are instances that may cause side effects, it may be good side effects or it may be bad side effects, take note that all these things will just come and go!


ItrustinU - November 10

God is so good, that He will not put the pregnant woman to be endangered.He choose the woman to be the one to become productive, so why not worry of the side effects that might be encounter along the way!


Jessie - November 10

I have an unwanted side effects of pregnancy, my hairs are falling and I'm afraid if I would become a bald.
Please help!



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