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The Tummy Swaddle
32 Replies
Moninah Grace - August 22

Sometimes I wondered if my tummy had "Rub Me!". Friends, family, even strangers who wouldn't make an eye contact with me in normal circumstances, would suddenly reached forward and swipe their fingers across my belly. Some did it out of genuine affection; others, from the superstition that it brings good luck. Either way, I felt violated. My body had become a public domain.


Nenen - August 28

There are people who are tactless but there are also people who can't control their emotions that they just do what they wanted to do.
In your situation you can withhold their touch in telling them not to do so. Just do it in a nice way.


September - August 29

Withhold their touch, my friend, what they think of your tummy for public touch? Is it a public domain?
For me I don't like it.
I have to tell them in a way that they won't feel disappointed.
Yes, it is a violation of your privacy!


jessierhey - September 4

i don't know why it became premonition to some people that in touching the belly of a pregnant, would give good luck.i don't know if it is true.


moninah - September 5

I too felt the same feelings. But we could not help it if some people can't resists on touching our tummy. On my part, I just give them good response. Whenever they want to touch my tummy then I let them as long as they've done it in a very nice way. I don't take everything negatively. Some people touched your tummy cause they want also to feel the baby inside your womb. Its a gesture of concerned by the way.So, chill!


Veviene - September 5

Yeah! I agree with moninah. For me, i like it when other people want to touched my tummy. Especially if it's done by the people who are so close to me or part of my husband for example. It seems they are just showing me that they do care for my baby and me. If they don't do this certain gesture, it seems on my part, that they are not happy and I feel very neglected and unappreciated.


beauty - September 9

of course if a member of our family would touch our tummy we would feel happy, i am also with vivienne thoughts, i agree with her, but if other people around would touch my tummy...I don't like it!


bondae - September 9

me too! i don't like that other people would touch my tummy.why rubbing my tummy? what is there purpose just to touch? is my tummy a things that can be touch by any one? whatever there reasons is, still i don't like to be touched.


kate - November 7

tummy swaddle i think is when you feel the kicking of your baby inside your womb. It's really good feeling.


loly - November 7

Many people would like to touch your tummy. I have experience it myself. Sometimes, it kind of irritates me thinking that your tummy seems to be a public property already. But i don't want to get rude that's why, i just let them do it anyway.


onie - November 7

Of course you cannot resist such action done to you especially if they done it without any asking permission from you. You just kind of surprise how many people would love and like to touch your tummy and be able to feel your baby.


Urmyking - November 9

Some people won't hold their emotions in touching my tummy, why is it? it is maybe they love to, but my tummy must have a privacy it is not for a public u..s..e!


Sensitivegirl - November 9

My friend went to Casino but before she went to,she instantly reached my tummy and said to herself,"May I won the game", then it came true, she won!


citylife - November 9

No, case if the one who rub my tummy is close to me but if others would do it,most specially those I even don't know her/his name, I felt hot and would like to say bad words,to them but to end up with calmness within me.


Tellme - November 9

I am proud if others touch my tummy, my feeling is, I am cared and loved.


Sdotyou - November 9

I like to bring streamer which printed on it says,"Don't touch my tummy it is not a public consumption.


Randie - November 9

If you don't like that others may touch your tummy, just say it honesty and sweetly to the second person , don't hide your feeling!



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