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The Joy Of Having A Baby
35 Replies
myrna - October 1

happiness can't be bought it is instill inside our heart and it can be done when a woman who expect to have a baby but it takes a long time before it made realize, the joy of having a baby can be felt every seconds, every minutes, and every hour. then you may look unto Him and said...TTHANKS GOD YOU ARE GREAT1


malady - October 1

when I was a child I used to play with my doll,I treated my doll as if it was my child I love to have a child of my own, I"m so so happy now that I became pregnant!


joiet - October 1

I have my baby but not of my own shall we say not my own production, she is my adopted child but I care for her so lovely,but still I am dreaming to have my very own, How happy I am if this month, since I've delayed my monthly period, I would be pregnant.
Please help me to pray!


St. Therese - October 2

In a little things a baby would become happy, and they won't hold grudges to the persons who make them cry, I love little children, they are human angels to our lives and with this I have felt so much joy when I got pregnant,having a baby is a great miracle, it is the will of God and we have to treasure them. God bless us all!


Carmele - October 2

I hear a baby crying and I felt pain deep in my heart, my husband and I look to where we hear the cry, a tiny voice that alerted our ears, there we saw a baby wrapped with a blue blanket we rush to the place,there a baby that was intentionally left by his unidentified mother.
We legally adopted the child and his presence lighted in our childless home.We have felt so much joy of having our....BABY in our presence life. God is good all the time!


cherry - October 2

The joy of having a baby is really an explainable feeling. I really can't describe every detail of it. But one thing is that I always feel lucky enough to be able to have my own baby.


Gellie - October 10

The joy of having a baby is everlasting. As of now, I enjoy the moment of having my baby inside my womb. Baby's kicking and different movement inside my tummy always excites me a lot. Thinking I'll be carrying my baby soon in my arms is such beyond excitement. It's so unexplainable feeling!


roomate - October 12

I'm very happy I am now pregnant, I can not figure out the love and care of the Lord to us, it has been eleven years since we got married, and at last I am now pregnant, and my husband also promoted to his position,It's a great blessings!


tender - October 12

it is a matter of fact that a baby can give life to a home;the baby also the light to a doom family, this baby is my baby in our home without him my husband would come home as early as 3:00 a.m. very early since yesterday after his work.But when our baby arrive in our life, my husband arrive home 20 mins. after his work. Is it that great!


becky - October 12

It's really great, tender, a baby can transform a person ,his presence is a joy and the light to every family.


Millie - October 16

Having a Baby is a wonderful opportunity and its really a joy for all not just for us mothers but for our husbands as well.


Ashley - October 16

Well, I guess, being a mother and having a baby really a great joy. It's also my best womanhood experience. I love to be pregnant!


Bernalyn - October 16

I salute all the mothers in the world who welcome with open arms the biggest, the hardest the most painful but of course the most joyful responsibilities of having a baby.


meldy - November 5

To be pregnant gives me so much joy. There's no excitement compared to the excitement I felt to be able to finally conceived a baby in my womb. I've become more happy now than before. This baby would always be the reason for me to keep me going and appreciate life a lot more better.


elvie - November 5

My life before has devalued with my careers, possessions and my schedules always take the place of my family. But now, I've change and made a decision whatever it cost, I should follow my hearts. To be able to give the gift of life and love to my baby. My pregnancy is a blessing and I don't need to worry anymore.


anne - November 5

I surely agree. I admire you for accepting and following your hearts and won't barter the joy of having a baby in a place of your careers, possessions etc.Being a mother doesn't come with instructions. Always trust yourself that you really make the right choices.



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