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The Joy Of Having A Baby
35 Replies
Austin - August 21

Having a baby for the fist time offers so much joy-an unexplainable happiness that can never be equaled by anything in the world.However, this experience comes with a responsibility which a first-time mom like me finds overwhelming.Having a baby at an early age of 18 is a challenge, but i had no choice but to take the challenge and be the best mother I can be.


Emily - August 21

Hi, I'm Emily and like Austin I too became a mother at an early age. But I had no regrets because being a mother is such a great responsibility that needs a lot of sacrifices but on the other hand, is also a very rewarding experience.


Juvy - August 22

Yap! Being pregnant is always God's special blessing. Having a child inside your womb and staying there for nine months is very challenging and tough time for women to experience.


Marietta - August 31

I can't wait to be a mom.I really prayed for this baby. It's like I've waited for this my whole life. Indeed I'm practically counting the days until my due date this October.


Ionah - August 31

When I learned that I was really pregnant, it was like an answered prayer. I felt very blessed and contented.


cecel n. - September 2

hello friends! it's so nice that i happened to read this forum. i want you to know that having a baby for me is a great happiness that i ever experienced. i am so happy that everyone i meet i would tell them that i am pregnant


sheila - September 5

Hi! When i found out that I was pregnant. I had mixed feelings. You see, I'm teaching prep school. I loved children. But having such responsibility of having my own child is out of the picture. My husband and I got married last 2005. If he did not insisted on me to have a baby by this time, I still would never have pregnant. But as I've read this forum, it made me realized how lucky I am to be pregnant. That having a baby is a joy that would stay for a lifetime. I'm no longer afraid of such responsibility ahead. Cause I know I have my husband. And God gave me this gift with a purpose..and I'm willing to accept that gift with open arms.


Franzel - September 10

the joy of having a baby is immeasurable. New life is born through a woman not in a man of course! it is immeasurable because not all woman may be used to do a multiplication of lives. it is a great joy for a woman that she can be called a co-creator of God.


Jupiter - September 10

I have been married for ten years.It is now eleven years that I am now pregnant. For so long to wait I could not be able to smile to those who made jokes about me not being pregnant for so long those past barren years.I am now pregnant and what do you expect of my feelings, so much joy, isn't it? A joy that I can now smile even to those unfamiliar person.
God is so good. I love You Lord !!


ruby - September 10

Joy as we have known is synonyms to happiness. We can not buy happiness or joy since it is a feeling. The joy of having a baby is lasting to a couple who have a desire to own a baby.
We adopt a baby girl but even if she is only an adopted child the joy of having her in our lives is tremendous,so much more if God grant us a child of our own. What an enormous joy in our part! We are still hoping.


anael - September 12

so much joy i've felt when i learned i was already pregnant and much more at the time of my delivery.
I could not imagine the goodness of the Lord that have done in my life.


laettle - September 12

In my family tree, not all can give birth, having pregnant after 8 years of hoping and waiting is not a simple joy but a gigantic joy within me... so as my husband. The joy of having a baby is not to be kept but to be share it to others for the glory of the name of our Lord. Praise God! He is good all the time!


Pearly - September 26

Being pregnant is like winning the biggest lottery prize. This could be the most painful but at the same time the sweetest experience i could ever have in my entire life. Isn't it wonderful? Hey, I was able to create life. A life that was created out of love.. I'm so happy and very much excited to have this baby..


Justine - September 26

Indeed it's true. On my part, being pregnant is a miracle.I suffered an accident when I was young. I thought I'm not going to have a baby. I already told my husband about it and still he married me. It's been 7 long years of our marriage when I finally got pregnant. It was a surprise for the two of us. it's a miracle!We both happy and really cried in tears..


Rizzalyn - September 30

Hi! I'm Rizzalyn. i would describe myself now as the face of a happy and contented woman. It's been two weeks that I've found out that I'm already pregnant.There's really no great joy I could ever experience in my life than knowing I'll be soon become a mother.I'm very much happy of this wonderful experience and gift i'll soon be having. God bless us!


Tabitha - October 1

So much joy that a wife should feel when she knows she may have a baby in her womb, this means she is really a woman and can be a real mother too.


myrna - October 1

happiness can't be bought it is instill inside our heart and it can be done when a woman who expect to have a baby but it takes a long time before it made realize, the joy of having a baby can be felt every seconds, every minutes, and every hour. then you may look unto Him and said...TTHANKS GOD YOU ARE GREAT1



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