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Sore and Enlarged Breast
21 Replies
Elexa - August 22

I'm 1 month pregnant and i always feel my breast sore. Is this normal?


Jolly - August 24

Yes, it's normal.Towards your pregnancy, hormones caused your breasts to enlarge to prepare for breastfeeding.It may feel full and heavy and might be tender or uncomfortable. To ease this, well-fitted maternity bras, which offer extra support.


Wardie 111 - August 28

It is normal,the mammary gland is doing a preparation for the breastfeeding.
This is one of the reason why you feel sore in your breast.


Melona - August 29

When a woman got pregnant, hormonal changes takes place. This one of the reason that the breast enlarged and experienced pain.It is normal.


Ginger - August 29

God created us in accordance to His will. All our Faculties have a functions. The breast of the woman has a great functioned in the lives of the human,it is to feed the infant with all our heart.
Breastfeeding is the most nutritious food for the infant to take.The reason why the breast is prepared by God for that purpose.
So it is normal that the mother experienced a swollen/tender breast.


bianca - September 5

I used to have small breast when i was not yet pregnant. But now that I'm already 5 months pregnant, I feel that my breast sore and my breast got bigger and bigger each day. I love the feeling of having big breast so I can produce more milk for my baby. I'm proud of my breast now more than before.It's kind of weird for some, but me? I like it!


Fencil - September 9

Of course our breast has a big function as a human being.Our breast is placed near our heart so that we have to take care of our offspring heartily.So our breast must not be regarded as just for sexy matter but for a life giving of a mother to the infant's needs.
To be ready, the breast would become bigger and it sore but it is just a bearable pain in the part of a loving mother.


divine - September 10

God created man perfectly to His purpose. in order to feed the baby with a costly lives, He made the breast of the woman to enlarge because He processes a human milk through the woman's breast.It sore is just a way to enlighten our mind that whatever is perfect it may always pass in a painful way, a perfect milk which God pasteurized is in the breast of a pregnant woman, moreover it is so nutritious.Breastfeeding is advisable so that the baby becomes healthy.


Sandra - September 14

it is normal,but if the pain is unbearable you've to consult an ob-gyne before it may became worst. But it is a normal feeling of a pregnant mother I can guarantee you through my own experience. I always feel the same hassle feeling for three times already at the times of my pregnancy.


joanne - September 14

To become a mother, we have to be ready for our breast to grow bigger and in addition for this we can feel pain as it grows.this is normal!


Divine - October 31

My sore and enlarged breast gives me trouble time in sleeping during the night.My breast is really so large that it's too painful to move.But since other people told me that it's normal for pregnant women, I have never consulted a doctor about it.


Bambie - October 31

Yes, sore and enlarged breast are normal during pregnancy. But you said that it bothers you already because it's too painful already and you have hard time sleeping at night, so I think it's time you must consulted a doctor about it to know if it's still normal signs or not.


Rhea - October 31

In my case, I have experience also a very painful enlarged breast during pregnancy. But it's because I have lots of stored milk ready for breast feeding. I think you have same situations as mine. But of course, nothings wrong if you still consult a doctor about it to be sure.


Tonnette - October 31

yap! the best thing is to consult an experts to know whether the problem of yours is quite alarming or just a simple signs of having sore and enlarged breast.


Dorina - November 3

I'm a woman who has a small breast,it is flat, but thanks of the invention of the bra, for it helps me a lot not to be recognized that I have flat breast,Now that I am pregnant, I am happy that my breast is enlarged, it is just a normal incident that may happened as I was informed by a friend doctor, and so also the soreness of it.


Maxxiete - November 3

Our mammary glands are developed because of the pregnancy, We can imagined the invention of God within our body, we, the pregnant woman are more loved by God. He, the Lord, give us a mechanism implanted in our body so to process the propagation of man.


Roxan - November 3

It is normal to experience these kinds of changes and pains, it is pain because our breast grow bigger than usual of its sizes, but it is not a lengthen experience.Its duration is short.



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