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rollercoaster emotions
7 Replies
pannie - June 21

do you ever sometimes feel along the way that you are not sure if you are really prepared for motherhood?

there are times when i am excessively happy and excited to see our offspring. but lately, most of the time i am so scared and i can't exactly describe how i feel. i am so confused! by the way this is my first pregnancy.


charlotte - July 4

i felt that way before. very unstable and i had outbursts on my first trimester. it wasn't easy because my family also got affected with my tantrums.


ROWENA - July 9

this is normally experienced by pregnant women, especially with their first born - anxiety and depression. i felt anxious a lot before during my pregnancy too.


LilySnow - July 31

normally felt by women who had unplanned pregnancy. you will think about how things could possibly be when you are not pregnant and how life would it be when the baby is out.


patricia - August 1

it is really normal. about 70% of women on their first trimester experience a sudden bursts of emotions.


Ascott - February 18

Your family and friends will understand. Try talking about your emotions with them. Ask them to be patient. Tell them you need support.


scarlett9999 - June 2

hey there. how are you doing? congratulations dear. I'm so happy for you. you are so blessed. it happens, hun. you, first of all, get confused. but its all worth it. I know its scary sometimes.but when you'll hold your baby. all fears will go away. I can't wait to hear the happy news. take care. much heath to you. bye.


monikadavid - June 2

Hey, I hope you're doing fine. My sister went through such feelings, however, was fine afterward. I am still TTC and therefore, am not really sure what that feels like. I am honestly so tired now nothing is working out and it is just getting too much. I am just now coming online on different forums and reading success stories. This way I m hoping I would at least remain more positive and hopeful. Life can get extremely difficult when you are going through infertility. I have recently visited a fertility clinic who seems very promising. I am hoping that they will be able to help me out. I am actually very positive about it. Once I do have a success story I will definitely share my options on that as well. Other than that after going through pregnancy your hormonal levels are constantly shifting I believe this is the reason why you are feeling that way. Just stay calm you acting this way might scare the little one. Talk to someone about the way your feeling most probably your husband. I am sure it will all get better.



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