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Preparing Big Sister For Baby
32 Replies
ember - November 7

I always make my big kids know that they will have their little baby soon. I make them feel the movement of my baby in the womb and they kind of excited as much as me and their dad did, when we found out that I'm pregnant.


pink - November 7

I also share everything to my first baby the changes that's going on with my body. I explain to her that there's a baby inside my womb that needs her love and care also. She never gets jealous because I assure to her that my love for her would not change even if we will have a new baby in the family. I'm happy because in her young age of 4, she understand everything that I said.


dionne - November 7

Yes, your baby understands because you give enough time talking and explaining to her what's her role being an older sister. It's just a matter of open communication.


Gregory - November 12

The child's nature is playful, she wants to play any time of the day, and in order to make the child prepare herself to become a big sister then lets encourage her to do the things that must be the work as an elder child .


Martinette - November 12

The baby must be given extra love so she may not think that the coming of another child is not a competition of her love from her parents.


Andrita - November 12

Let the child touch the baby inside the tummy, so that the child may think of the baby inside is to be loved and cared of.


Katherine - November 12

Hug the child always, and explained to her that the baby is like herself and needs to be loved.


Connie - November 12

The child must be will motivated about the baby ,then she should be explained will the importance of giving and sharing the feeling of love.


Conchita - November 14

My child always touching my tummy then she kiss it, this is what I let my child prepare to be a big sister for the baby.


Joejie - November 14

I just told my child to make the baby a bed beside her, then she agree with me every morning ,she made her own bed for the baby.


Zacky - November 14

my baby is straighten its hands inside my tummy and my older child saw it she immediately touch my tummy, with a big smile.I love that scene during my pregnancy.


Cele - November 14

Just let the baby touch the tummy with an assurance that she is still love even if the baby will be born!


lovable - November 14

Give an assurance to the child, don't let the child think that the baby inside the womb is a competition of her love for you.


hanah - November 14

A big sister must be prepared by giving some good instruction for her to do every time the baby will come out to his world.


kewlo - November 14

Give her pictures that shows in it how the big sister takes care of her younger brother/sister.


artistie - November 14

Make an assurance to the child, talk to her with an understanding of her mood.



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