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Eating For Two
27 Replies
Debbie - October 31

Eating for two during pregnancy is eating what's good and right.It's like choosing vegetables from junk foods and choosing milk than coffee.


Richie - October 31

For me, eating for two during pregnancy is actually eating frequent, smaller meals throughout the day. It's not like depriving yourself of eating the foods you like but of course just have limitations and take some consideration the baby inside you.


Sophie - October 31

As pregnant mother don't waste your days eating foods that just give your baby few nutrients he or she needs. But rather, make your day by eating proper foods that's supposed to nourished the baby inside your womb proper vitamins and minerals good for her or his development.


Karren - October 31

It's good that we give our baby the good start in life. Eating nutritional foods is something we and our baby needs.That's what eating for two is all about.


Payer - November 3

pregnant w0man may think that she must eat for two, because of her situation,but it is not that way it is a false idea, the pregnant woman must eat only good for one person.


Mountain - November 3

I think the pregnant woman must eat nutritious food, so to make the baby healthy and strong and the most of it is to activate the immune system of the baby in order to fight the viruses that may affect the physical body of the child.


Expectation - November 3

my dear friends,
Do you think that because the woman is pregnant she must eat food which are intended for two persons? If this is inside in your minds,then this is wrong because the needed food is only for one person but nutritious, in order to make the pregnant woman can sustain the virus that may attack in her body.


Energitic - November 3

Now a days, mother- to- be should not eat foods that are intended for two because she may become overweight which is not advisable for the pregnant woman.


roomate - November 3

The foods that are intended for the pregnant woman,are those foods which are required for them to eat, it is not consumable for 2 persons but for one person only.


gera - November 6

We pregnant mothers are advice to eat for two. This means eating the right and nutritious food good for us and to our baby as well.


loida - November 6

I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of milk every morning and in the evening. This way I was able to give my baby the right nutrients she or he surely needs.


gems - November 6

I have heard that folate is good source of nutrients for the baby and myself during pregnancy that's why i make sure i would be able to give my baby what he or she needs also I eat foods with lots of folate in it.



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