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Eating For Two
27 Replies
Jolly Anne - August 22

When you're pregnant, eating for two doesn't mean eating double, but it does mean making doubly sure you get all the nutrients needed everyday so that you will stay healthy and your baby will grow properly.


Catherine - August 22

I certainly agree with Jolly Anne. Good nutrition during pregnancy, is very important.Before craving something to eat, it's best that you also think of the baby inside your womb. If what you eat could give your baby proper nutrients so that your baby's health will be fully develop.


Inday - August 29

So that you will stay healthy and your baby would grow properly,nutritious food is needed to be eaten.
Bear in mind that in your womb a fetus is dependent of what you must be eaten. Don't be selfish,don't think only for yourself . But be a real Madonna.


Leslie - August 30

Some nutrients have been found to provide specific benefits to mother or child.The B vitamins have been found to be especially important. One of them, folate, or its synthetic form, folic acid, can reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain and spinal cord,called the "neutral tube".


Josephine - August 30

Natural resources of folic acid include green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans and citrus fruits. It's also found in many fortified breakfast cereals and some vitamin supplements.


Michelle - August 30

Calcium and iron are also especially important during pregnancy. Getting enough calcium will help prevent a new mother from losing her own bone density as the fetus uses the mineral for bone growth.


Pearshia - August 30

Iron helps both the mother and the baby's blood carry oxygen. Most women need supplements to maintain adequate levels of these minerals. A daily vitamin supplement,is not an adequate substitute for a healthy diet, it just helps fill in the gaps on days when a woman's diet is less than perfect.


December - September 10

I am pregnant at this moment, before I always having a toothache, my mother advise me to eat food which has plenty of calcium. She explained to me that by eating those kinds of foods I don't have toothache anymore.
The fetus in the womb dependent. to the kinds of foods that the pregnant woman have eaten and if the woman have not eaten an exact amount of food needed for two of course the mother may feel ache in any part of her body. So all pregnant woman must be aware the nutritious food needed by them: the mother and the fetus.


canx - September 10

I have a friend who was so stubborn. She doesn't like to be told. She doesn't want to become fat and with this reason she had her diet, so to be always slim she told, that it is good for her, so at the time she deliver her baby it will be easy for her to reduce to become slim again.With this it resulted that her fetus is sickly,according to her obgyne the baby may have a heart failure.


Isah - September 12

Every time I got pregnant, i could always feel hungry and i am voracious in eating most specially fresh fruits i love to eat green mango during my pregnancy period.but when i am no longer pregnant...believe me i don't like to eat green mango anymore.


renyll - September 12

Isah, i've experience also of your experience, i am voracious in eating guava every time i'm pregnant and moreover i love to sip vinegar in my meal. can it be explained scientificall?


joy 124 - September 12

can it be explained scientifically? this is the question that some people might ask....during pregnancy period, the woman is like creating another life inside her womb and this other life,who is the fetus, crave its own desires of food so this is why there are some woman wanted to eat food which is not normal for the mother to eat with when she is not yet pregnant.( this is just my own explanation in my own experience)


Esmer - September 12

I think,joy124, you are nearly right but mind you, there are curious people who made their studies about this matter and whatever the reason is, we have to admit that mother-to-be is eating for two lives;for the fetus life and for her own life.But my advise is, take an effort to eat nutritious food.


Wenah - September 26

Yes, eating for two doesn't mean eating too much or too many. For me, I don't eat a lot in every meal. But I eat every now an then..with small amount of food in take and I make sure what I eat are all nutritious foods.


Sonia - September 26

Yap, eating what's good and nutritious are important. I make sure that all the foods I'm eating has it's own essential nutrients that's good for me and for my baby. As a matter of fact, I prepared all the foods I eat and make sure i have a healthy diet always.


Ninah - September 26

I agree, during the course of every women's pregnancy, a mother and a baby require energy and nutrients. Thus, this should not be the time to try to lose weight or go on a diet. Good nutrition is vital and important for a healthy pregnancy.


Debbie - October 31

Eating for two during pregnancy is eating what's good and right.It's like choosing vegetables from junk foods and choosing milk than coffee.



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