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Early Pregnancy Fatigue
30 Replies
Dawne Faith - August 22

Feeling tired all of a sudden? No one knows for sure what comes early pregnancy fatigue, but it's possible that rapidly increasing levels of the hormone progesterone are contributing to your sleepiness.


Gabby - August 28

Tiredness is such a feeling of a mother-to-be in the early stage of pregnancy. it is because of the rapid increase of levels of the hormone progesterone.A mother may feel sleepy because of it. Fatigue is unusual in the daily activities of the mother.
A vitamin may give a great help in the situation. But the in take is through the advise of the doctor.


Tarah - August 29

It is one of the symptoms of pregnancy,tired or fatigue both are the same. This may start as early as the first week after conception.
You may want to sleep for the whole day.But because of our daily activities, you may have to fight the fatigue within you. Take a vitamin prescribed by the doctor


J- sah - September 3

During pregnancy it is expected that a mother to be can feel tiredness,it is a natural feeling.I for myself would leave in my office work for two months during my early conception because I committed many mistakes in my work i can not control to sleep during my work.


ritchie - September 4

getting pregnant is a fulfillment of a womanhood. But we have to suffer many unexplainable feeling,like in an early pregnancy we can feel tiredness so much tiredness that we could not control ourselves to sleep.
like J-sah's did i stop also in my work in order to rest for a main time only.


dione - September 6

Hi! I want to share something about early pregnancy fatigue. Before I had my pregnancy test, I had this feelings already that I'm pregnant. Not just because I missed my period but because of this certain feelings of tiredness and craving of so much foods which if it's already there,I don't like to eat. I always vomit and feel dizzy every time. That gives me the idea that I'm already pregnant which is really true.


susie34 - September 7

Dione mentioned that even before having her pregnancy test, she was able to sense that she's pregnant. In my case, I also experience the same kind of feeling. I always vomit and felt very dizzy in the morning or in anytime of the day. I suspected something was wrong with my body. So, I consulted a doctor and I was able to find out through her that all of what I'm feeling is normal and it's called the early pregnancy fatigue!! Whew! I thought I'm having a serious kind of diseases. Good to know..I'm ONLY PREGNANT!


**jen** - September 7

hello, susie! I'm just curious are you already 34?hehe! Anyway, what you've shared to us is quiet funny. Imagine, you were thinking that you are having such serious diseases for having those early pregnancy fatigue experience. Yap! sometimes, we pregnant mothers who are not really aware of the symptoms of pregnancy can think of such weird imaginations. By the way, is this your first pregnancy? Again, I'm just curious.


susie34 - September 7

Well, yeah it's my first pregnancy experience and again yeah, I'm already 34. Why? is there a problem with my age?


**jen** - September 7

hey there! no there's no problem with your age. As I've said, I'm just curious. You see, I'll be turning 34 next month. So, we're of the same age actually. I'm also pregnant with my 3rd baby and having this early pregnancy fatigue is no longer new to me. I always experience this every time I get pregnant. So, I'm glad you shared with us your experiences. It's not an easy experience being pregnant but, mind you, you'll forget all of these as soon as you will see your baby.Good luck!!and more power!


Dawne Faith - September 7

I started this topic and I'm happy many of you guys send and shared your own experiences about early pregnancy fatigue. Just don't forget your pre-natal check-up with your doctor. They are the ones responsible and more knowledgeable regarding this matter. Congratulations to all of us mothers-to-be for such greatest journey of motherhood we all be experiencing. God bless!


susie34 - September 7

thanks so much Jen! Its very much appreciated. Yes, Dawne Faith. Good that you started this topic. Thanks so much also. Take care!!


Saly - November 7

Early pregnancy fatigue can't be avoided it's part of getting pregnant and its normal and it's not alarming.


cherry - November 7

I always had this feeling of tiredness in my body now that I'm pregnant. I also felt sleepy and would not want to eat the foods that at first i really want to eat. I guess, these are just few of the early pregnancy fatigue that I'll be experiencing for until the 9 months of my pregnancy.


Shelote - November 9

It is natural as what others I interviewed told me,and I think it is natural as what I experienced since my 1st child.


Shelote - November 9

If it is early pregnancy,then you can feel fatigue within you, but it won't last long, its duration is short, unmindful it would just blew away, just be careful and be strong.


Flores - November 9

I took vitamin pill in order not to feel tired because of the hormonal imbalance,and so to stand up in a situation with full of expectations.



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