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"Constipation" one of the problem during pregnancy
21 Replies
Rounie - August 26

Constipation is a caused by a decreased of bowel movement since the progesterone which is normal in pregnancy lead to greater absorption of water.


Thomie - August 26

Constipation was my greatest problem during my pregnancy. But my ob-gyne advice me to intake plenty of water or fruit juice everyday.
It may also good to others.


Lyneth - August 27

Constipation is a slowdown in digestion occurs due to hormonal changes and growing uterus, which squeezes the intestines.To fight off constipation, just increase fiber and fluid intake and avoid foods like beans, broccoli, cabbage, onion and fried foods.


Laura - October 28

Well, i had this constipation problem but when I consulted my doctor it was due to the multi-vitamins for pregnancy that I've taken. I was quite relieved afterwards.


MItch - October 28

yes, constipation is one of the problem every pregnant mother surely would experience.But in my case i really don't have problems with constipation because I avoided eating foods that might triggers constipation problem.


Lilane - October 28

Well, every time I had a problem of constipation during my pregnancy, I just drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices and it immediately eases my constipation problem.


Onie - October 28

Yap! in deed plenty of water intake and fresh fruit juices is the best relief for constipation problem especially during pregnancy in which you could not take any medical supplements as medication.


Adelfa - October 28

It is one of the problem of the pregnant woman to evacuate her bowel easily, but it is helped through water therapy.


Gummamela - October 28

Yes, it can be a problem, but the pregnant woman must be alert in drinking water then eat mostly fruits and vegetables. If there's a problem there's a solution.


Rousie - October 28

Hey! it is really a problem if the woman who is pregnant don't drink enough water.


Landie - October 28

In my case I did not experience constipation ,because I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables then I drink enough water needed for my body.


Talieng - October 28

Constipation is a problem if the pregnant woman may not have exercise, and not drinking enough water required for our body.


Melba - October 30

Yes, constipation is the best way to cure or relieved the constipation problem, especially for pregnant women. Myself, I bring with me always a drinking water every where I go. Water therapy is the best therapy every women should practiced from time to time.


love - November 6

For me, i have prevented a constipation problem by taking a lot of liquids..fresh juices and water. It surely help.


Loloi - November 13

I can not imagined that I can not deliver my heavy loads to the comport room it makes my stomach ache if ever I can not unload , so I may got the doctor to make it possible, but the doctor just advise to take in plenty of water and fruits.


Demie - November 13

If constipation is the problem, then , maintain to drink at least 8glasses of water so the constipation won't last longer in our physical body.


Remie - November 13

Constipation is to be remedied through drinking plenty of water and walking briskly this may be done everyday so to vanish constipation.



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