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13 Replies
krizzy - December 17

any treatment you can suggest for aches and pains on shoulders, knee and hips? i suffer from it every morning and found it difficult to stand up. i feel old and i feel like going crazy. pain is too much to handle. is this common among meno or am i just being paranoid? please help...


aya - December 17

try HRT, it takes time to actually kicked in but once it does it will keep all the pains away. believe me, it worked for me.


ladyinred - December 17

yes you're just being paranoid. you don't have too, we all suffer from this and you're not the only one.


may - December 17

have you tried glucosamine? i think you should try it. it worked well.


fiona - December 17

been taking all sorts of medication for the hope that one morning i would wake up free from all this pains. but eventually i'm suffering from it till now...


mimi - December 17

ey i'm taking glucosamine now but i don't find it much of help. it's been three days but i'll still keep on going. hope it'll get better on days ahead.


aimee - December 17

yes common around meno and you're being paranoid. have you tried painkillers and paracetamols? how about ointment and creams? any is possible and anything or nothing will always do. if nothing will worked well at least you have tried then maybe choose to see your doctor then.


hazel - December 17

wew... i get this weird muscle cramps... it sometimes freakin me out especially if i could hardly move. i went to see a doctor but unfortunately he can't figure it it out... too bad for me.


precilla - December 17

i eat the right food, take supplements, on HRT treatment, have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. so basically, i'm a healthy menopause woman i can say. but i still get pain and cramps once in a while. so i guess it's part of aging and totally normal.


mariz - December 17

i'll take that from you! thanks for shedding the light! keep it up!


olivia - December 17

present to all ailments you have mentioned! i'm taking advil and it certainly helps relieve my constant pain.


cherry - December 17

i've been taking advil too! it really helps but one thing i get frustrated about is that when one thing subsides another comes and more painful.


imee - December 17

menopause sucks! i have never experienced all of this but i can feel your agony. one piece of advice though, ask your doctor to test your vitamin D level. i think it has something to do with all of your pains. i hope i helped a bit.


erah - December 17

you got it right there! i was diagnosed with osteoarthritis on my knees. i am also low on vit D. it's always better than ever to have it checked to figure out problems earlier.



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