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14 Replies
stephanie - October 2

i was diagnosed with migraine associated vertigo. i feel on and off dizziness and i feel like that most of the time. does anyone got this symptoms?


lyka - October 6

migraine associated with vertigo or (MAV) is a syndrome which is suspected to be related to migraine. the cause of this condition is unknown and rarely diagnosed. person who suffers from MAV is subject to neurological examinations.


katie - October 8

prevention is the advised treatment for most types of MAV. eliminating triggers like MSG containing foods.


carol - October 16

vertigo is a frequent symptoms that accompanies migraine headaches. try clonazepam, talk to your physicians for further explanations with regarding this medication.


geraldine - December 17

i used to have migraine and when meno started, it got even worse. i mean really worse like 3 times a week the least. is this normal?


honey - December 17

3 times a week? wow, nothing worse than migraine! i can see how meno can throw migraines out of control. don't know if this is normal. sorry can't help... :(


lenny - December 17

i have migraines too, suffered from them for years actually. the only thing that helped me out is imetrex. now i suggest you go to your doctor and have
him prescribed you with this drug. you may also want to ask if this drug is what you need. i hope i was able to help.


nicolai - December 17

stress can trigger migraines i think you are aware of that. try a little meditation, it helps!


imee - December 17

i suggest you the simplest way to avoid migraine attack.. as soon as you feel that migraine is coming, take a warm bath and take some paracetamols for
headache. i don't know if it's gonna work for you, but this simple steps make changes in my life.


sherie - December 17

there was this time that i experienced migraine for straight 5 days and on the fifth day i passed out. it was a horrible experienced. tried all sorts of medication but nothing worked for me.


melanie - December 18

hi people! i just want to ask if how many of you here are experiencing vertigo? i woke up this morning walking towards the door and felt really off balance. i feel like swaying back and forth in one place. it's my first experience and it's freaking me out. please tell me i'll be okay...


ginger - December 18

don't freak out it's nothing horrible. you're not the only one in this world. many people experience vertigo in their lifetime. just take antihistamine that will surely help.


kimmy - December 18

i'm having this some time, actually it's normal. can't prevent them from coming and staying but don't worry cause they'll eventually go. take dramamine, it will help alleviate the symptoms.


denner2 - January 12

I've suffered from migraine since the birth of my daughter 21 years ago, and had them on a monthly basis. I was referred to a migraine clinic as they were pretty severe and then found out they were hormonal. I had a hysterectomy in 2004 and that helped to relieve it but I've now found that as I entering the menopause they have become more regular and I have also started to experience vertigo. As anyone else experienced this?


mimulus - March 17

I have found homeopathy helps alot with both migraine and hot flashes. It also eases off the mood swings . I have a top up about every 3-4 months now ,it used to be annually for pms but since entering the perimenopause-which to me is bit like riding on a siezemic wave ! -I need it more often . hope this helps someone.



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