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loss of libido
5 Replies
dolphinjane - May 23

nearly 40,have loss of libido,is it too early to be going through the menopause?


Kimmarie - March 4

You are probably starting the early stages of mentalpause, which could take 10 or more years. I've had loss of libido for years. I've been in what's called forced menopause because of chemotherapy (Cytoxin). So I went from having a normal period and then they just stopped when I started chemo, so I waited a year (I am 46 now) and then went to doc and had the blood work to confirm that I am in menopause. But my libido was gone long before that. Are you on any medications? A lot of them decrease your sex drive. Oh, by the way, I asked my doctor if there was anything out there for women for loss of libido and she said no. They even tried viagra on women. It just figures, right?


lilyyy - February 27

I also have lower libido. My case is not similar as your because I loos my libido after the second birth. From the beginning seemed normal but with time the situation worse. I began to look for solution and i find Female Viagra . Since I used to take this pill a saw some changes as: increase of my libido,more excitation as usually, desire for more sex and increase the frequency of orgasms. Now my husband is mad of me. But i'm just happy of my sexual life.The important is that I can to taste of this pleasure as before to become mom. Really I have not shame of this because it's my life and I want to live plenty. I recommend you this site because is safe,simple and cheaper and suggest the pill. Hope they will work to you too.


raquel - March 31

It seems to be very common problem ...I began to loss my libido because I'm very fat person. I feel complexed and to me is hard to find the strength to make movements. Now my solution is female viagra and this pill really works. I buy from this safe page and I receive the pills after just 4 days after I ordered them. Is simple, safe and I just recommend you this pill because really helps. Hope that will help you. The best)


britney - September 4

loss of libido is a common concern among women who are approaching menopausal stage. but actually it's not a permanent condition. like any other symptoms, this too shall pass. hormone therapy can help you with this symptom..


ellah - September 7

oh well.. for me this is the most difficult symptoms to manage.. it did messed up with my sexual relationship with my husband.. the main reason for our divorced..



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