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eye problem
25 Replies
kaye - December 1

hi sheila, i'm facing exactly the same problem. i have lost eyelashes on both eyes. i thought i was the only experiencing this. this really freaks me out. if you happened to find any solutions for this, please let me know.


cheska - December 1

hi ladies, i'm sorry to hear that your both facing the same problem but i'm so glad that i'm not the only one. i've heard about lattise, a solution for this problem. i have not tried it because it is only available with prescription. i'm just wondering if anyone of you here tried it. please let me know.


alelli - December 15

latisse is a treatment for hypotrichosis use to grow eyelashes. hypotrichosis is called for having not enough eyelashes. yes, it is very effective.


imee - December 15

latisse is proven to be effective but you need to ask your doctor first if this is right for you. you also need to find out out about this product because it says to cause some negative effects.


janine - December 15

personally speaking, i won't recommend such product. i have tried it once and not happy with the results. after using it twice my eyes turned to red and
itching. be careful of any product you use especially on delicate part of your body.


lindsay - December 15

maybe you were allergic to one of its ingredients. i know for sure latisse won't
harm even if it gets into the eye.


sheila - December 15

agree with that statement. it's an ophthalmic drug product especially made for eyes. so i don't think it would cause serious problems.


katie - December 15

itching and eye redness are two common side effects for using latisse. but not everyone gets it. unless you will experience ocular condition like blurry
vision then you should immediately contact your doctor.


olivia - December 15

i see... thanks for the info ladies... so how does this latisse works?


samsam - December 15

i believed it helps increases the number of hair on your eyelashes. i have researched it and that's all i have found. there is no exact way how it really works.



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