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erectile dysfunction for andropause
27 Replies
aubrey - October 9

not quite sure what's causing it, one thing i know is the lifestyle. but don't worry, ED is treatable at any age.


princess - October 16

is there any way we can treat ED at home?my boyfriend refuses to go to the i thought it would be better if could treat this at home.


marsha - November 5

try ginkgo biloba, it is believed to improve erectile function in some men. you can also try nutritional supplements like arginine.


samantha - November 8



princess - November 13

how about viagra? can we get it over-the-counter?


zsa-zsa - November 25

no, i don't think so.viagra is only available by prescription.visit your doctor and explain your boyfriend's condition.


sean - December 1

are you sure so want this kind of treatment? i've heard so much about viagra and it's side effects and i don't think it's the best option. try to make some research before you decide.


princess - December 11

i really don't know. kinda confused. i finally able to convince him in seeing a doctor. he was prescribed with some certain medications. 2 weeks have passed and it's still not working. he's totally in despair now. :(


carol - December 11

sorry to hear that princess. i really do hope i can help. but unfortunately i can't recommend viagra since this has many side effects. maybe you should
consider trying on another medication.


olivia - December 11

what did the doctor told him about taking the medication? did he/she told you how long will the medication take effect?


elizabeth - December 11

yea right, sometimes medication for ED may take some time to show effects. give it another week and if still nothing happens then probably you need to consider other alternatives.


marsha - December 18

if you want to see results that will last, consider herbal. there is no better remedy than natural and herbal. i strongly recommend this because it helped with my husband's sufferings.



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