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aches and pains
10 Replies
maryjane - December 4

please ignore if this thread has already been posted...

- i've been suffering from aches and pains on my arms and feet. they are stiff especially in the morning when i get out of bed. i'm wondering if this is related to aging or another menopause symptoms. is there anything you can suggest to at least relieve the pain?


zenT - December 4

well add this to the long list of menopausal symptoms. i get the same aches and pain too. my doctor prescribed me with some pain relievers and it helped.


sheena - December 4

i have it on my fingers. they get stiff and sometimes i feel needles and pins. do you feel this too?


kaye - December 9

been experiencing tinging on my feet and hands and a feeling of muscle and joint aching. it is perfectly normal! There are many different types of medications that are sold over-the-counter that can help to soothe and relieve pains.


xyza - December 9

discuss it with your doctor, They will be able to direct you on which type of treatment is most effective for you. you may also consider hormone replacement therapies.


lyka - December 9

i get hips and knees aches everytime i get out of bed every morning. but i get used to it thinking they’re just normal signs of aging and menopause. try taking tylenol, it would stop the pain.


tinkywinky - December 11

generally speaking, many women suffers from aches and pains during menopause and i say it's all natural. these are all due to hormonal imbalance. i have been in menopause for two years and i got my bones ache all the time.


noreen - December 11

ask doctors for pain medication. i've been taking some medications but i'm afraid i cannot recommend it to you. maybe you should have it checked first.


michelle - December 11

pain killers do help, the stronger the better. i have body aches a lot of time too. i thought i was the only one. so glad i have found this site.


sheila - December 11

i do exercise regularly, it relieves aches and pain. hormone therapy makes sense for a short period of time. but healthy diet and exercise are still the best remedy.


maryjane - December 11

thanks for all the advice! i'm still confused as to what to do but atleast i feel much better now knowing that this is natural to experience. thanks for all the



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