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11 Replies
maTilda - November 5

has anyone here heard of effexor to help relieve hot flushes? i need to know if this is effective. if you ladies could share a little bit of idea of how it works, i would be very happy to hear from you.


karen - November 9

i've been taking effexor and all i can say is that the hot flashes are much better. i'm not saying it's completely gone but it's no longer as intense as before. one thing more, it has no side effects or maybe it's very light you couldn't hardly noticed it.


stephanie - November 13

common side effects of effexor may include-- stomach upset, tiredness/weakness, change in appetite, headache and drowsiness. if symptoms persist, refrain from using this medication.


maTilda - December 3

do we need to consult our doctor before using effexor? can we get this over-the-counter?


liz - December 9

there's no way you can get effexor over the counter. this medication needs appropriate dosage so it is well taken with doctor's advice.


cheska - December 9

venlafaxine is the generic for effexor. it is available over-the-counter, maybe a weaker dose would be good, but you really need to talk to your doctor before making any decisions.


mische - December 11

what's wrong with consulting your doctor before buying effexor? if the doctor won't prescribed it to you, it only means to say that it's not good for you to take.


imee - December 11

i agree with mische. you don't need to take effexor just because someone you know is taking it. what works for them won't work for you and won't work for everybody as well.


danessa - December 11

well.. you can always address this to your gyne if you can try this medication. been taking it for a year and it really helped. no side effect, to speak of.


carol - December 11

yes there is generic for effexor. but still, you cannot get it over the counter.
you still need prescription for this.


Kimmarie - March 4

I've been on Effexor for years for depression and I've just been confirmed that I'm in mentalpause (that's what I call it) brought on by chemotherapy, and no, it does not work for hot flashes, I wish it did. I did find a supplement that has helped for the most part after trying so many other things. It is put out by Natrol and it's called Hot Flashex. You take one pill at bedtime. This has helped me more than anything else out there. Good luck!


Kimmarie - March 4

Venlaflaxine (the generic for Effexor) is not available over the counter, it is still a medication, just in generic form.



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