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what could be the valuable signs of ovulation?
26 Replies
50_meilea - December 9

what could be the valuable signs of ovulation? how are we going to know that we are already capable of getting pregnant?


vivian - December 9

well, ovulation signs are very important so that we will not have false hopes of getting pregnant. the best way of having a successful pregnancy is to have a regular, 7 times a week sexual intercourse throughout the menstrual cycle.


leilani - December 9

i guess it is because by the time of your menstrual cycle, you are at most fertile on that time and it would lead you up into ovulation because you only have one egg to be released that makes conception possible. of course the sperm of your partner should be healthy too. hehehe :)


courtney - December 9

that is why we women, it is very important for us to spot our body's ovulation signs for us to be able to maximize our chances to conceive.


brienna - December 9

yes i guess that is really important of course like having the idea when to do the perfect intercourse during the fertility peak so that there could be a plenty available sperm to be able to fertilize our egg whenever we ovulate.


althea - December 9

but what actually could be the signs for this, the explanations that will help us well on this?


chevy30 - December 9

the basic idea to know or to evaluate the peak of your fertility is to establish the average length of the cycle of your menstruation.


sharinah - December 9

i guess this is something that you will be able to predict your ovulation. i just don't know what this thing called about.


rafaela - December 9

it is when the time in between your ovulation and the menstruation called as luteal phase.


bless - December 9

a plus factor to us women! if we are going to monitor our cycle to over a couple of months then therefore we will be able to estimate ovulation during the week where it could occur and somehow that will lead to conceiving.


ashley - December 9

i just guess this isn't just a very reliable way to predict ovulation, it doesn't apply to all the women out there. this can be just a useful guide.


jireh_li - December 11

they said that after you ovulate, it is best to chart your basal body temperature on a daily basis throughout the cycle so that you will be able to exactly identify the increase, and somehow ovulation will occurred. the reason why charting bbt is important because the moment we ovulate, progesterone in our body tends to elevate that cause the body temperature to rise.


icah - December 13

really, seems like if you would really like to get pregnant, you should work on different things so well. :(


ELVIRA - December 13

yes dear, everything we wanted to do or to have needs a 100% patience. heard BBT can really help you out to established the fertile phase to the cycle and it provides an accurate estimation to the date of your conception when for you do fall pregnancy.


jackie - December 14

well the positioning of your cervix during your menstrual cycle can be one good indicator too. if you feel that at the start of your cycle your cervix will get firm to touch like similar to your nose, then sit on low to the vaginal canal and it will almost closed.


violah - December 14

what about those most women said about the cervical mucous? what is it all about?


dorothy - December 14

yes this alters in line with fertility. if you have like this minimal on the start and end of your menstrual cycle and the abundant and egg-white-like in ovulation.



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