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Trying with Pcos
24 Replies
Jadey x - November 23

I have been trying for over a year to conceive with no luck, a few months ago i was diagnosed with PCOS but have to try to conceive on my own for another yr until i will be given any drugs to induce ovulation.

Has anyone conceived naturally with pcos? Any tips? How long will it take to conceive once i start the drugs?



icah - November 23

i suggest you to have some medication first before trying to conceive. take some clomid and then take some while before planning to get some serious trying of conceiving.


Jadey x - November 25

I would but as i said my Doctor will not give me medication until I have had a year of trying on my own.

Has anybody had success with Chlomid, if so how long did it take? Or has anybody conceived with PCOS without medication?


lady - November 27

i experienced clomid medication and after 3 cycles of menstruation i did had a positive results with my pregnancy test.


emdee1 - December 1

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS and my doctor also told me to try for 6 months to a year before he will give me any help. Is there anything I can do to help me concieve or is it just a waiting game?



fayatollah - December 1

doctor tend to advice you to try getting conceive before going to a serious medication. losing weight can help you out improve your ovulation, thus it won't promise you a 100% guarantee.


Jadey x - December 2

I lost 3stone before i started trying but now am totally stuck and cannot lose any more! The doctor has prescribed me things to try and help me but nothing seems to be working now.

The things I am trying are have sex at least every 2-3 days as you don't know when or if you are ovulating, after sex try doing a hand stand against the wall to help the sperm to travel. Other than this yes i am afraid it is just a case of waiting! it is very frustrating and disappointing every time you see a negative pregnancy test! :(


fayatollah - December 2

guess you need to lay low a bit maybe it is just too trying for you right now. i guess it needs to take some time before trying to get pregnant. sometimes our reproductive system needs to take some relaxing point and get into condition to start all over again. some instance made is trying alternative medicines. though it doesn't make that promise of a successful pregnancy but somehow other cases like yours happens to get along well with this kind of medication.

it is really frustrating to conceive especially when it happens to be your first time, and that is why this kind of forum community really helps a lot those frustrated parents and soon-to-be parents to help them out understand more and keep their hopes high...


emdee1 - December 2

I have lost weight as well and if I loose any more I think I will be under weight. I try to have sex as often as I can as well and lie down with a pillow under my bum or my legs up to try and help the sperm along. It is very frustrating and seeing a negative test every time just makes it harder. I sympathis with you Jadey.



Jadey x - December 2

Thanks its good to speak to people that understand and are going through the same thing, I just try and look to the next few months wen I can start the treatment as i think i will be a little more positive. I would love it to happen naturally but am not gettin my hopes up about that.

One good thing is that I have age on my side!!

I just hope the medication will help get things sorted out without taking too long.

Good luck to you! Will be good to hear how u get on x


emdee1 - December 2

I know, let me know how you get on as well! It's nice to know there's someone else feeling the same way. Good luck to you!



mycherryhip - December 26

IM READING THAT UR ALL TRYING EVERY 2-3 DAYS AND I THINK THIS IS NOT ALWYAS A GOOD IDEA i recomend u get the ovulation test sticks and try to wait at least 5-6 days before u know ur going to ovulate. as my doctor told me that in my husbands case his sperm needed more time to build up its strenth
and i now have my positive result so please try wont do no harm!!
good luck


Kat7 - January 11

They always make you do a yr without medication and I think they are right as your body needs at least 3mth to get rid of the 'pill' hormones anyway. PCOS creates enough hormone havoc without in a yr they have a 'clean slate' to work on :) I tried clomid, had laparoscopy etc but nothing worked except good diet, stopping smoking and Metformin for OVER 7yrs!!! Finally 12wk pregnant at 36........ Low sugar lifetime diet change works! Well worth the wait :)


Kat7 - January 11

sex every 3 days bit not more then 7 days - or sperm quantity/quality is lower if too frequent.... Your Gyn will tell you this :)


emdee1 - January 11

ive already been off the pill for over a year already so thought they would let me go on some medication but have to wait even longer, so annoying! i think all i can do now is try eating healthier and excercising more to make myself as healthy as poss. congratulations on pregnancy! xx


Jadey x - January 12

I dont really need to lose any more weight, I am giving up smoking tho. I should be allowed to start my clomid treatment sometime in the next month or two but im not sure how long it will take for me to get the clomid, will i need more tests, will my partner? I am looking to go back to the doctors in the next 2 weeks to get the ball rolling.


Jadey x - January 12

Also I have been told that ovualation sticks dont work is you have polycystic ovaries, is this true?



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